Password 02

  • Password is your stage name, what is your real name?

My name is Patrick Mathias.

  • You are a record producer, award winning singer and song writer. Can you tell your fans more about your music career so far?

Well, for me it’s like a cliché because every artiste and singer would say their music career started in the church; that’s where we all honed our skills. Thank God for the church and my background back in the days which had me playing different types of instruments. Personally, I had a fundamental background as far as music is concerned; I grew up in a music loving family. It was all fun because I had the passion and flair for it.

  • What inspires your music?

I don’t know if it is easy for everyone to digest but I am very eclectic. Ultimately, I will say God is my inspiration. My mood and life experiences are also a source of inspiration.

  • Can you talk about the collaboration between you and Geoffrey?

Geoffrey is an amazing artiste, singer and songwriter. Working with Geoffrey has been like a discovery channel for us. I like him because he’s humble and always ready to learn. He’s very talented too and ready to be introduced by those who have done it in the industry so they can have the password at the same time. It was fun working with him and importantly we have a chemistry that works.

  • You won MTN Songstar Competition 2013 and took home two prized assets, how were you able to achieve such feat?

Brother, I don’t think I’m spectacular. Well, the x−factor in me in the first place is God; his favour speaks for me. I went there to do my thing, and bagged home 16 million naira while I was having fun. One thing that kept me going was faith. Opportunity meets preparation. Always be diligent, determined and hardworking. Someday, your persistence will pay off.

  • Which Nigerian artiste would you want to collaborate with?

(Laughter) I would love to work with 2face any day, any time. I love him.

  • Have you had any controversy yet in your music career?

Yeah, there is a major one everybody knows I had with Davido. . I’m sure you’ve heard about it.

 (sings) See gobe. Omo see gobe

  • Could you shed more light on the Davido controversy? I’m sure many of your fans would love to read directly from you.

First, I have to say that Davido is my home boy; we do business together once in a while. Before then, his producer Shizzi already was my home boy back in the days. Gobe was one of my demos; Davido heard it and liked it. I guess the major problem we have in this industry is allocation of credits. Songwriters should be recognized as it is done internationally.

  • So it wasn’t you who used the twitter handle to accuse Davido of intellectual property theft?

No! No! It wasn’t me. Trust me man, I don’t have an idea where that was coming from.

  • Did Davido pay for the song?

Definitely, he paid. It was business. There was no theft issue in this matter. I don’t know who the troublemakers were.

  • What’s your official twitter handle?


  • Who are your role models and mentors?

That’s a difficult one. There are two people I like to talk about. Cobhams Asuquo. Is one of them; I love that man. He’s my friend and brother. One of the reasons why I say so is because I am learning to see life through his eyes.  Tuface inspires me as well.

  • Are you in a relationship?

Right now, I like to say I am in a relationship and it’s with…

  • With who?

With my music.. (Laughter)

  • Can you talk more about your educational background?

Well, I like to say I am educated. Music has taken the center stage. I just acquired more skills.

  • Can you talk about your family?

I come from a family of 6 (six); three boys and three girls and I am the last of them. I lost my Dad at age six and my mom had to carter for us. It was so hard. After my basic education, I took the bull by the horn to create my own story it wasn’t easy at all. I don clear bush, fry garri, hawk and do everything normal guys go through in life.

  • What inspired the stage name Password?

It was one guy that I respect so much. He used to be my number one fan. I know he’s still very passionate about the Password brand wherever he might be. He called me one day and told me that after meditating a name just popped up to him and it was Password. I kept quiet for a while because I felt like ‘this is it’. I felt the name came with a huge responsibility. I accepted it ‘cos I want to be the password to open different doors for people.

  • What is your greatest achievement?

In 2013, I won the NMA Soundtrack of the year 2013 in the movie HoodRush. You know I write soundtracks for movies too. It’s really one of my strengths.

  • Have you ever been embarrassed by anyone before?

Sh** happens all the time. I can’t really remember one now.

  • What problems do artistes face in the industry that you will love to be changed?

Nigerian artistes are hard workers, but I think the aspect of royalties and creating channels for revenues for us to make more from our creative works will surely improve the industry

  • What do you make of the Nigerian music industry today?

The Nigerian music industry is getting better by the day. The more opportunities we get, the more artistes come into the industry and many talented people are taken off the streets. The industry is creating more jobs for the youths.

  • What do you think are the reasons for the rapid growth?

I think it’s digital media, ICT age and the recording equipment for better quality of music has helped in improving the industry.

  • What’s your fashion style?

I’m trying to be an “Iyanya” but I don’t know how to walk in chains. I love vintage. I go easy on all that stuff. I like to keep it simple.

  • What do you have to tell your fans?

Well I like to tell my fans, I mean my friends out there, life is not a bed of roses. In life, you have to be very particular about what you want. I don’t believe in luck ‘cos life is no fluke. Sometimes I cry looking at my life story and where I am today. God has been so faithful. I believe in working hard and putting God first in all I do. Just have faith and work hard.

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