At first, a lot of us created Twitter accounts, followed a few celebrities, uploaded or tweeted something silly, but we later decided it was boring and not worthwhile. After all, we didn’t get any engagements. So, we moved over to Instagram. We created accounts, followed celebrities and some of our friends, uploaded a few pictures, and eventually got the hang of it.

Suddenly, we could get those funny videos we saw on Whatsapp statuses directly from the sources. We also discovered if we used a lot of ridiculous hashtags, participated in follow for follow sprees, we could grow our follower base, and be IG influencers too. Unfortunately, it was easier said than done. It really seemed like no one was feeling our updates or android phone pictures.

We later discovered some of those funny memes and tweets came from Twitter, so we went back to the platform, reopened new accounts or recovered the old ones. This time around, we got the hang of it. Or Not! Remember those savage replies and memes that brought us from IG? Well, we tried to recreate them by jumping on every Twitter thread, but it just wasn’t working.

Why were we not blowing? Why were people either ignoring or insulting our initial gra-gra?

We still frequented IG, but Twitter was steadily taking more of our time. Some of us became intimidated with the kind of clear and beautiful pictures our friends and role models steadily dropped. We started having thoughts like “And I old pass this small boy oh” or “No be Nkechi be this? Where she dey always snap these fine fine pictures?”

So, to stop being tensioned by these gorgeous pictures and seemingly perfect lifestyles, we decided to devote our time to Twitter fully. Mind you, our IG accounts were still there, just not as active.

Anyway, we managed to find a new struggle for ourselves: becoming Twitter influencers. These guys steadily rake in money, or at least, that’s what they tell us. I mean, how can one person have 70k plus followers, without uploading fine IPhone pictures most of the time? Some said it was from blogging.

That was how we fell into our next adventure. Off to WordPress we went. Some of us paid for hosting, while some of us settled for free websites. We were excited; Linda Ikeji in the making. Unfortunately, we couldn’t even get more than 50 standard visitors in our traffic; this must be the work of our village people.

Google Adsense wasn’t helping the issue either because they refused to approve ads for our blogs. How were we supposed to make money and blow then? So, we finally decided to just press phone, sleep, and eat. Nobody came to this life to come and die abeg

Now, we can conveniently say we do it for fun, while hoping for the best in all aspects in the long run. If only our lives outside the screen were much better. If only!

This article was written by Beatrice Oluwaseun Wende; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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