I stayed up the other night just thinking of an article to write – I get my best ideas at night between 2 am and 4 am, but I was having severe writers block! I couldn’t think of anything!

I got out of bed and went down for a cup of tea because I think well with a cup of tea in my hand but yet l still couldn’t think of anything; so I gave up. I just sat on the sofa thinking about life and everything. Basically, I just let my mind wonder.

It wondered to school and lectures and everything and then to my human physiology course and then I remembered a particular topic that interested me back then. It was sex education of course but like a more advanced version – Erotic Anatomy. I immediately decided that was what I was going to write about. I took out my pen and paper, brought out my computer put on my glasses and started researching online. Erotic Anatomy!

Turns out quite a few people have already written articles and even books about Erotic Anatomy. I decided to do a little research of my own. I started texting every guy on my contact list and asking them the weirdest places they liked to be touched to get turned on and surprisingly I got the same reply from every single one of them. They didn’t know! None of them had the slightest idea where they liked to be touched – besides the obvious places of course. To them sex meant just like a few kisses and then whip out the rubber and action!

They made it seem like the whole issue of foreplay is just for the ladies. That is absolutely not true. It is for both parties. Sex is as much for the guy as it is for the girl. I mean in addition to the apparent regions of the body, there are so many other parts with so many nerve endings that turn us on in so many different ways. Each part produces a different feeling.

I think it’s up to us to explore our partners’ body. Find that spot that makes them cringe- in a good way – that spot that makes them arch their back. Most guys don’t explore their ladies to the fullest and ladies always complain. But what about leading by example?  If you want to be explored, then you should do a little exploring too.

And remember to explore with everything. Not just your hands. Explore with your lips, explore with your tongue, explore with your feet!

Just make sure you and your partner shower before and after you do all that nasty stuff!



Article written by a student of Nursing School.

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