No doubt Nigeria is a blessed country with so many natural resources abundantly dispersed in different regions but yet over 70 percent of our over 140 million population finds it difficult to live on about $1 per day. Absolutely this is not a new fact as most Nigerians are quite aware of this.

Over the years, lots of stunning discoveries had been made as to Nigeria when it comes to money laundering. In the previous administration, Nigeria had about $62 billion in excess crude account as we were meant to know, Nigeria imports rice worth $1.2 trillion while we have lands been allowed to fallow for green land projects, still this same country complains of unavailability of lands. While these stories keeps many news platforms in business, its angers the spirit of the already aggrieved masses who are destined to bear  the brunt of  uncultured politicians and yet these evil cultured politicians smile as their pockets gets stuffed with more and more public funds ( since banks are not safe anymore for them anymore). Another very established fact is that despite all the noises (as they termed them) created by media houses about their escapade, these public figures careless about the masses they are out to serve.

Growing means improvement either spiritually, academically, psychologically and physically on your former being but here in Nigeria growing is reserved for some people – the political gurus: They grow financially with funds meant for the Nigeria masses.

Speaking logically, or coming from a reasonable point, how on earth would a man take money meant for the building of infrastructure for over a 140million populace into his personal pocket? A reasonable not responsible, I repeat a reasonable person would not do that and basically these senators, ministers ought all to be high in reasoning.

Nigeria at 56 years of age has come a long way to reach that age but what are proofs that we actually did grow to get to that age? A common phrase says ‘a fool to 40 is a fool forever’, what can be said of Nigeria where politician openly fools Nigeria at the expense of national growth.

It has been said what a man can do, a woman can do better, though it has been tested here in Nigeria and it failed. In my own opinion: “what an old man can do, a young man can do even better.” – This statement I later had to re-evaluate and regrettably words don’t hold weight in this part of the world. Our fathers indeed have failed us, though they claim to have tried their best, going statistically an average of 55years olds have ruled Nigeria but have ended up delaying our promised land or are we in the wilderness? Then we need our JOSHUA, young and vibrant to lead us.



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