Sport! A major platform for the expression of the innate and beautiful nature in us.

From that little boy playing soccer on the streets, to the game of tennis, and even to the breathtaking game of basketball, sport deserves to be recognized and appreciated.

How did sport begin?

Pre- history shows that sport began in form of wrestling at around 15,300 years ago. This was expressed on cave walls in form of paintings, describing its beauty.

Ancient Greece then introduced formal sport, with the first Olympic Games in 776BC including games such as human and chariot races, wrestling, javelin throwing e.t.c

In the modern society, sport really has evolved but its aim hasn’t changed. Entertainment still lies at the belly of sports. People would even pay large to go to these sporting venues to witness it themselves than to hear the news from someone else.

An example is the Champions league match between Barcelona and PSG in February 2017. It was a beautiful, entertaining one.

The first leg of this fixture was won 4-0 by PSG. This match was considered over already but coming to the second leg, things changed.

The second leg was quite surprising and the tide was turned around. The match already long forgone was turned over and ended 6-1 in favor of Barcelona. At the end, Barcelona advanced to the next stage, with this fixture described as the greatest comeback in Champions League history! How entertaining this is!

Asides entertainment that describes the beauty in sport, there are various benefits in sports.

It’s a good means of expressing love amongst one another e.g the Olympics. This is a competition that brings many from around the world together and this is really good in terms of national affiliations.

Also, sport has it’s way in mental development. It enables the players to use their mind and be calculative in thinking so as to win the game.

Sports promotes and teaches endurance. It keeps every player involved on his/her toes because the beauty in sport is that anything can happen. Things could turn around at any time so endurance is key. For example, the recent basketball game between Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers which was won by Boston Celtics at the very last minute shows endurance.

Sport  promotes  fitness. It is a very interesting way to stay fit physically.

Sport also is important to the elderly, physically handicapped people and so on. We even see physically handicapped people getting involved in sporting activities, highlighting it’s relevance.

Sport indeed is beautiful, and everyone should be involved in it. If you are in sport, keep it up and continue in it.

If you don’t have interest in it yet, give it a try, any of your choice and take out time in it.

Don’t give up yet if you are about to, for even as sport teaches endurance, it requires endurance to remain in it.

Enjoy sports… Live sports…

This article was written by Victor Amata; connect with him on IG here 


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