In the history of TV shows, it’s conspicuous that HBO’s remarkable feat “Game of Thrones” was quite the hit. From stunning CGI (Computer-generated imagery) that had fire breathing dragons to astounding script writing that held the hearts of millions of people. The epic storyline and exciting characters made the show to stand out with a billion viewers. It also smashed the Guinness Books of Records as the drama series with the most Emmy Awards and has gained more fame as the world’s most pirated TV show.

Amongst the millennials, it was unthinkable not to have heard of the TV show. When it came to spoilers, it had such a powerful heart-breaking effect. As one knows, with a great show comes great responsibility but the producers never followed through as the finale never lived up to the hype.

From the get-go, the show was never scripted to follow events that occurred in George R.R. Martin’s monster hit bestseller novel. Nevertheless, Game of Thrones still earned the nod from top movie critics and created a huge fan base that consisted of top personalities like Barack Obama. With 8 seasons and more than 60 watching hours, one would have expected an explosive final episode to wrap up a spectacular and highly entertaining TV show.

So, what went wrong? It wasn’t imperative to provide fans with a happy ending but it could have ended better. First of all, the most hated character “Cersei” died so cheaply through the crushing boulders of the Red Keep. She deserved a slow and agonising death, not a romantic soul ascension involving death, entwined in the arms of her lover. Most fans would have loved an ending that depicted a happy union of Jon Snow and Daenerys ruling the seven realms as it was thought to be the blueprint of the show.

A bitter pill to swallow as the psychotic Targaryen gene just had to emerge and ruin fan expectations but that can be regarded as a chink in the armour. What broke the camel’s back was the sight of a man with non-functional femur emerging as the ruler of Kingslanding. If only Hodor had known, he wouldn’t have held that door. In the scene where Daenerys was stabbed by Jon Snow, Drogon could have caused an epic tale twist if its fire was directed at the murderer instead of the iron throne. At least, people would have had the chance to witness the scrutiny of the speculation that Jon Snow had the Targaryen blood flowing in his veins. 

To have had Jon Snow punished by being sent back to the wall, only caused the fan’s headache to worsen. On the lighter side, the books are far more intriguing and the final sequel is also not yet out. Yes, the finale of Game of Thrones sucks but it’s still an unforgettable and magnificent show. To those that harshly criticise the TV show even without watching any episode, Dracarys! We say. 

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