“When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money”. –Alanis Obomsawin

This quote has kindled my thought process as to what we yearn for in life. When millennials are asked what they want to do in the future, one should expect responses like “I just want to make money“, or “I want be rich and famous”. We are all so engrossed in the pursuit of material wealth that we pillage the earth every now and then to our satisfaction. I think it is material we discover that she is depleting dangerously fast.

While the US government flaps around imagining environmental change is neither genuine nor imperative, the rest of the world is battling against it. As usual, we sit and pray that the apocalypse doesn’t come knocking on our front doors. We, the youth of today along with our sprouts will bear the brunt. In fact, the disaster is beginning to manifest already as a heating planet causes winds, floods and devastation, much the same as the agitation that occurs when water boils. In the developed world, individuals are hesitant to change how they live, and people in the developing scene are frantic to live like those in the developed world. In the United States-our God’s own country and yardstick for measuring well-being, communities like Florida and Mexico beach are literally blown off their foundations.

It is notable that our ways of life don’t appear to prompt the normal guarantee of bliss. Actually, we encounter increasing weight on our time and less prosperity. It is time we ascertained that change has to begin with us. We need to imbibe lifestyles that poses little risk on our planet.

In our mission to spare the planet, here are several propensities we can instil.

Reduction of Waste

We need to curb the amount of waste we generate. We should only purchase the items we need. Although, it is imperative to recycle and reuse, those come after reduction has taken place. This also involves using less paper, which in turn reduces the level of deforestation.

Eating of less meat

Pastoral agriculture is a major source of global warming as it causes 15% of all emissions. Not necessarily surrender eating meat entirely, but reduced consumption helps immensely. Many experts say eating less meat especially beef could make a huge difference.

Reduction of energy usage

We can also help by reducing our energy consumption. Little acts like switching off electrical appliances when idle, reducing the use of automobiles, and degrading the use of fossil fuels (petrol, gas) can help curb energy usage.

We, as a whole appreciate a decent stroll in the neighbourhood, or outing at the shoreline, or just a sit in a botanical garden to be tuned in to nature. We don’t need to wait till all these vanish into blankness before we make a move because in the end, nothing else will matter.


This article was written by Molumo Umar-Farouk; connect with him on Instagram here


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