As a female, we are raised to always be conscious of our appearance, from the way we sit, to the way we walk, talk, eat, dress, etc. We are taught to be ladylike, if possible perfect. There is always a rebuke for any action that does not conform to the rules set by society. They forgot the most important lesson of all, they didn’t teach us about self-esteem. We were not told about how important it was to love our bodies, however it looked. 

All over the internet we see them, images of perfection. Articles on how to get the perfect shape, to be the perfect woman. It is so easy to forget the trends shift as all things in this world do. The slim trend which had girls turning anorexic in order to have that perfectly skinny supermodel look, is out and the thick trend is in. Social media with all its advantages has “helped” to constantly push images of perfectly thick bodies in our faces, showcasing various ways to get the perfect curve (snatched waist, voluptuous booty, et al). Once again we find ourselves having to conform to a different stereotype. 

This trend is important though in the sense that it is closer to the typical nature of African women, and it shows progress that the world is finally accepting various forms of physical beauty. I agree it is a good thing to wish to be a better version of oneself, going to the gym, eating healthier, etc. But all that is worthless if it is done for the wrong reasons, reasons like trying to impress your crush or boyfriend, for stunting on the gram, to be seen as picture perfect. All that can only offer temporary satisfaction, we can never be satisfied until we love ourselves, flaws and all. 

As a young woman, I too have my fair share of insecurities. But I am learning, working towards getting more and more of that sexy confidence. I have learnt to only work with the affirmative. To look in the mirror and say to myself, “Your body is unique”, “You are beautiful and strong”, “You are amazing and I love you”. So I say this to all women irrespective of size and shape, self-love is important above all things, your happiness doesn’t depend on anything but yourself. And as Bruno Mars said, “You’re amazing just the way you are”. Remember ALL BOOTIES ROCK!!!

This article was written by Nnagboro Lynda Nneka; connect with her on IG here  


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