It is no longer news that we await the release of the two most anticipated series this month. From the very first day of this month all eyes have been on the internet awaiting the release of the probably the most watched series on earth as well as the most watched superheroes’ comic on earth.

The marvel superhero comic ‘Avengers Endgame’ has all marvel fans on their toes awaiting the release of this most anticipated movie, as well as the final season of Game of Thrones which is going to be released the same week as Avengers’ Endgame.

What to expect from this two awaited movies are brutality, love, death, loyalty and most of all survival. Blood, friendship and bonds created fighting side by side to defend their dignity. This two series promise to be intriguing. Suspense? Well we are already dying of suspense as there is a high level of secrecy surrounding the plot of both movies.

We have no idea but speculations and suspicions as to which characters will die or what will happen exactly or who will show up from the blues in both GOTs and Endgame.

While GOTs fans are already used to this, Marvel fans just cannot imagine the death of Ironman (tony Starks) or Doctor Strange or Captain America as we can’t imagine the Avengers without any of this characters. It’s going to be all tears and sulks coupled with shock and suspense   14th   to 26th April.

So the polls are open


Well for me it’s the AVENGERS as I have been a fan for 10years. I put ten good years into watching them increase and grow and I can’t wait to get my heartbroken (ironically).

April is the month

14th is the date for GOTs fans


26th is the date for Marvel fans

Note:  go alone to the cinema for Endgame and also stay glued to every minute of GOTs alone, not with a lover or a friend that talk too much, It is strictly business. No time for hanky panky or didly doodly.

Keep a date with your cinema and stay glued to your TV.

This article was written by Latifah Abdulkarim; connect with her on IG here 


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