Various relationship platforms keep preaching, ‘love people for who they are’, without realizing that some individuals are just bad news that can’t even be managed, let alone loved. Truly no one is perfect but while some flaws can be tolerated or improved on, these are the 5 types of men you had best avoid if you value your emotional health. 

1. The Unmotivated: “No one wants a liability”, is a saying that women can highly relate to. Whether you’re ‘miss independent’ or not, in the end, you still need a provider and a protector. An unmotivated man is not ambitious about his career and doesn’t even have a future planned out for both of you. If he’s unenthusiastic about his life, you can only imagine what the future holds for you if you remain with him. Life under the bridge can’t be so bad yeah?

2. Pathological liar: If there’s any sin that is inevitable, it is certainly lying. While we tell a few white lies to avoid some problems or protect the feelings of our loved ones, some individuals are chief manufacturers of lies. This type of man lies on impulse, even without gain or a specific motive. When one lies about trivial things, you can only imagine the very important things they lie about too. This type of man will certainly cheat and it’s in your best interest to avoid such men. 

3. A man that resolves conflict poorly

Proper conflict resolution is pivotal to the success of every relationship. Consequently, you had best avoid a man that always resort to violence, emotional abuse and dirty retaliation whenever there’s a conflict. 

4. Mr. Insecurities: Emotional Insecurity is the mother of virtually all the personality flaws you can think of. Negative traits such as feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, immense jealousy, and neediness, are all born out of insecurities. If you’ve ever watched The Perfect Guy, the role of Carter Duncan played by Michael Ealy fully describes this kind of guy. He’s the type that gets obsessed and practically doesn’t have a life without you in it. Dating a man full of insecurities can be very exhausting and suffocating, you often have to prove your love over and over, and avoid getting into fights every time. So save yourself the stress and avoid one. 

5. The Narcissist: These kinds of men take the “me, myself and I” phrase seriously. They think the world revolves around them and have a supercilious attitude to everything they do. To them, everyone is inferior and can never surmount the idealized image they have of themselves. In all things they put themselves first and never make sacrifices. If God frowns against people like that, you should know that such men are not relationship material unless they change.

Even with the right people, relationships are hard. Consequently, one had best make it easier by going for the good ones. Cheers!

This article was written Oyefemiwa Fadaini; connect with her on IG here  

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