Today’s feminist movement is more diverse than ever before. It’s now normal to bump into a teenager’s social media handle to see the bio ‘Proudly Feminist’ boldly, and indeed proudly written. Other times you might as well get misleading lectures from female youths of marriageable ages but then not yet married, telling you just how to treat every man that comes your way, claiming they’re all worthless and the same. Well, personally I’ve been in both scenarios, and they’re just funny and pathetic.

That might just be the trend thanks to certain misleading mentors, but before you think of joining that ride, how about you sit back and see reasons why you should consider not being so proud to be called one, because these are things they never tell you.

Once you decide to take on the feminist tag, you agree to play the victim and not everyone has a victim complex. As a woman in western society who has the luxury to sit in her own house, in a comfortable bed and a laptop with access to the internet, it is rather shameful to consider yourself “oppressed” when women in other countries have to endure real suffering. It’s just a movement filled with hypocrisy. Funny enough these feminist movements are focused on working class women who are supposed to be logical persons.

Feminism makes one feel bad about loving to be girly. What right-thinking female doesn’t love skirts, dresses, makeup and things like that? You don’t have to be masculine to be a “good” and “clever” girl.

When it comes down to rape situations, note that rape is a crime issue not a gender issue. It might be okay to call men creeps and pedophiles, but slut shaming is totally not right, especially for women involved in such rape cases. Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech. One could be called a slut for sleeping with many people, but there are others who also see it as awesome because they could pull it off easily.

Again, being a feminist blinds you from realizing men have issues too. Feminism stops you from being a humanist, a logical one. Instead it paints you as a weak little creature who needs saving and government protection. You feel you should get special privileges because you have a vagina. No! It only weakens the way you feel about yourself. It wastes every friendly advice about loving your bodies just the way they are.

This article might be controversial and not go down well with the feminists, especially the youths who are rapidly adopting this as a new trend in their lifestyle, but this is only being realistic. Personally, I don’t need feminism because I’m a logical person who sees the misandry in it. 


This article was written by Mary Udoh; connect with her on Instagram here


  • Rodney says:

    Interesting view on feminism but I disagree with you. The feminsim movement is a positive one in my opinion. Feminism is simply a fight for gender equality and against oppression.

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