You know how you walk into a room all confident and bold, feeling like your outfit is on its A-game, meanwhile something is wrong with the fit, but no one cares enough to tell you? Remember that you’re addressed the way you dress, and if you dress like a million bucks, you’ll be treated like a million bucks. The thing is sometimes, we feel we look like a million bucks but we actually look like a couple bucks and we will still be treated as such. If that has ever been your story, just know that you were doing something wrong. Men’s fashion is more delicate than it looks. You were probably:

  • Wearing a bad suit: Bad in this context does not mean damaged or dirty, it means “not quite the fit”. Normally, suits are meant to make you feel powerful, respected, or like a million bucks! But when you wear an ill-fitted suit, it gives this, “I tried too hard to be here” vibe. When buying a suit, you need to make sure that it’s not too tight, or else, you might be getting a lot of “you’ve added weight” comments, and it should not be too big cause it’ll look like it’s a hand-me-down suit. You can research or watch some YouTube videos to see how a suit should properly fit you.
  • Mixing bold distinct patterns: I said it like this because a couple of people have broken the rule and gotten away with it since it wasn’t looking bad when they did. But the rule is “Don’t mix different patterns”. Note that you can only break the rule this with a neutral colour base and one of the patterns have to be more subtle than the other. You can also try wearing a single colour knit tie, it looks really good.
  • Wearing a tie of abnormal length: There are a whole lot of people on the guilty side of this table. Just know that you’re doing it wrong if the tip of your tie does not reach your belt, and if its longer than your belt. But if you are wearing a flat bottom knit tie, it should touch the top part of your belt, but your regular pointed tip ties are best resting at the centre of your belt.
  • Wearing the wrong size of trousers: I think the main aim of corporate attires is to look smart. Smart has to fit, and it also has to be comfortable enough to work in. That’s what trousers are meant to do! Smart isn’t tight and short, showing all your leg contours and hairy legs. Smart isn’t baggy either.  Some people in this day and age still wear high waisted big long trousers and end up looking like a 1980s professor, but if that’s your signature look, go ahead! 

Now you can feel and look like a million bucks😉.

This article was written by Chigozie D. Lemoha; connect with her on IG here  

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