I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book. – J.K Rowling.

When I was a child, I had a lot of boyfriends. They were bulky, had tough spines, followed me wherever I  went and had magical powers. Here’s the surprising part, they all had the same name- Book.

Like many other children of my generation and generations before mine, much of my knowledge was owed to the hundreds maybe thousands of books I read. I still remember a time when over the holiday’s, I read a book whose settings was based in England and when school resumed, I told everyone I could that I’d gone to England during the school break. The way I spun tales about London, the Buckingham Palace and British museum, J.K Rowling would be extremely proud of me, by now you must have guessed that I am completely obsessed with J.K Rowling. It wasn’t something I was proud of obviously- the lying that is- and I paid the price for it by bribing the girl living just opposite my house at the time with my caprisun and biscuit just so she wouldn’t tell everyone the truth, (painful stuff). Of course this didn’t stop me from saying I went to China the next holiday. My point is reading books probably gave me knowledge a lot of classrooms or lecture halls couldn’t give. This knowledge was something I termed book magic when I was ten and I still believe in it.

Fast forward into my teenage years, I’d thoroughly explored many libraries, discovered and read so many books that in fact it seemed like I was raised by books, (no offense mum). Reading literature, any literature, good or bad always had a lesson to be learned. These lessons constituted to the person I am now, they made me open minded and creative, smart and active albeit a little bit anti-social and according to studies, will increase my life span. That combined with the fact that I smile a lot might just make me the next Methuselah.

Reading books is not just a hobby of mine, it’s not just something I do for fun, it is my lifestyle. One that should be picked up by all because I believe there’s a book for everybody. The rapid decline in the number of book readers over the years is a tragedy not just to the writers, or editors and so on who make a living from it but especially to people like me terrified of living in a world without book magic.


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