A word that comes to mind when describing Nigerians is resilience. The resilient spirit possessed by Nigerians is backed up by the force of unending music in our hearts and ears that makes us want to break into a dance every now and then.

Music is everything to the nation at large. From the rising of the sun in the morning, the sound of rain on rooftops, the voices of people raised together spread throughout the country, the whizzing of vehicles and motorcycles, to the stillness of the night, everything in Nigeria is musical.

Here are a few ways music overtime has proven to be the good twin of every Nigerian;

Life Saver: Music is therapeutic. With music, there are no judgements. You are free to express yourself. Either by swaying to the music, singing at the top of your voice to songs you might not necessarily know the lyrics to, nodding, dancing like it’s your last, or simply doing nothing at all (which is almost impossible). With music you can express yourself however you want. Certainly, a life saver I tell thee.

Language: With Music, language and distance is not a barrier. Being that music has a language of its own, Nigerians necessarily do not care what legbege means, when they will be busy dancing. Music is a language every Nigerian speaks fluently.  

Dance: Need I remind you how much dance moves we have learnt in a lifetime? And it does not even matter because there are more to learn. And for people like me, we might just be lucky this time and be able to get down with the next dance moves. Fingers crossed.

Lyrics: The lyrics of most Nigerian music is one of the most contested things in Nigeria. Nigerians overtime have called for musicians to put in more effort with their lyrics for music to make more sense. Although there are musicians that steady have gold mines in their lyrics, others are just having fun.

Kicks Ageing – Music serves as the link between generations. There are a lot of things the older generation and the younger generation are not in sync with except music. It is through music that the older generation says to the younger generation “old where?” “How?”

Don’t believe me? Ask the dancing senator and while you are at it, ask the senator who have dropped hit songs back to back.  

Influencer: The way Nigerians express themselves is heavily influenced by music. From our mood, style, colours, music has a hand in it.

On a final note, Nigeria did not make it to the top ten on the list of World’s happiest countries. Ireland topped the list again. I mean Ireland is great and all. But I say who needs a list? the burning questions here are; Do they find excuses to always throw a party?  Do they find it hard to keep up with dance moves? Well, if they do not feel this way then someone please define “Happiness”.

This article was written by Etefe Voke; connect with her on IG here 


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