As Abraham Maslow propounded in his theory of motivation, there are various stages which human beings attain as we go through life. The third stage in the Maslow’s pyramid is the social stage, a stage at which we seek social acceptance and involvement in the world with other human beings. Now why am I talking about the Maslow’s pyramid? Or the social stage or anything about a pyramid at all?  it’s actually quite simple, the social stage I mentioned earlier is of utmost importance in this topic. To fit into the social world, there are certain, shall I say, ‘requirements’ in order to fit into the puzzle. Some of which include; the way you speak, the way you carry yourself, the way you dress. In short, your fashion sense is top priority.

Fashion in a layman’s language would be referred to as the way you dress. Well, in my language fashion is not only the way you dress, it’s the personality that comes with your particular ‘chosen style’. When we buy a particular outfit looking particularly cooperate, our actions are a little bit restricted to being careful and acting very orderly. When we wear party clothes, we suddenly feel a particular shall I say ‘vibe’ to let loose and groove. When we wear loose clothes at home to chill or relax, we are at our comfort zone, our absolute chill.

Let’s just cut to the point. The way you dress may not define you in a real sense but it defines your personality which defines you. The need to fit into the social world as a youth is imperative. Sometimes our mental stability actually depends on how much we are accepted, how much we are appreciated, how much we belong. I am not going to go into a lecture about how and what is perfect, responsible or most respected way to dress but I’ll just repeat myself one more time- as youths the way we dress defines our personality which in turn defines you. You want to be viewed as a particular person? Dress that way. You want to be that confident sexy girl/boy? Dress that way.

There is nothing wrong with style, in fact style is the icing on top of the cake, dress however you want with as much style as you want. Be creative, be stylish, be beautiful, be you.!!.


This story was written by Kehinde Ikuponiyi; connect with her on Instagram here

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