Stealing Nike’s slogan may not be the wisest thing I have ever done but what better way to drive in my point today?

The continual pursuit for more is the most limiting factor in the life of a youth. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad in chasing more in life. Personally, I would love to have more money, clothes and hair (because mine is so short). You see, there is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting more.

Except, the endless pursuit for more brings about an unhealthy desire for perfectionism. Perfectionism is an unhealthy trait that leads to procrastination and laziness because popular opinion- “if I want more money and fame, I have to become perfect in what I do in order to get it” and the fear of not measuring up to standards begins to kick in. This fear then births procrastination. You get the picture, right?

The above scenario just leads to your mind being poisoned with so much fear that you become unable to do anything you want to do. You fall into the comparison trap and wonder “why should I even bother doing this when this other person is already doing it so perfectly? I have nothing new to bring to the table. No one would care about me”

Three words for you, darling- Just Do It.

Do it even though it kills you, do it even though you are terribly bad at it. You’ll get better, you’ll see. Do it even though you don’t think anyone believes in you. Do it even though all you want to do is lay on your bed and hide yourself from the rest of the world. Do it even though you feel that everyone is doing everything and you have nothing else to bring to the table, remember no one is like you and the world doesn’t know the ‘you’ way of doing things. Do it anyway!!!

So what if you’re not perfect? Who is? What if you’re not ready? I say, ready is a relative term and no one will ever see themselves as being totally ready for anything. What if you’re not good enough? You’ll learn and become better.

The questions are never ending but when you get up and do something that adds value to life, you open up a new world of possibilities, positive results will show but so will negative results (because I’m not here to lie to you) and that’s okay. The only important thing is that you got up and did something. 

Procrastination and the drive for perfectionism will cripple you but there’s pure bliss in knowing that you did something of worth and you did not give in to that fear. Someday, that will be all that matters.

This article was written by Ubong Princess; connect with her on IG here  


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