As sweet as it works, it is a dangerous weapon. As dangerous as it is, it helps satisfactorily. As confusing as it seems, it is a combination of attributes which requires smartness to handle. All of these inhabit the Internet.

Technology has helped tremendously in providing ease to human life. Sourcing for information, purchase and sale of goods and services, easy communication, amongst others, requires no stress anymore as technology turned the tides around by creating the Internet. The Internet is a home designed to fulfill the above duties but the usage structure by the world is saddening. It has been reconstructed into a home of games and fraud. Money is made through the Internet dubiously. This has given unemployed youths the advantage of been comfortable in their joblessness as they rely on the internet for income. In fact, a reasonable number of youths are relaxed and have abandoned the task of job hunting due to the assurance they get from the Internet. Rituals are even processed online through deceptive communication and materials needed are gotten. Lives and properties are lost online daily.

It has also become a distracting tool as many individuals fail to carry out responsibilities accurately, due to the amount of time it exhausts from their lives. When the Social Media is given the floor to take toll on our lives negatively, the human effort will no longer be needed as artificial intelligence will be the order of the day.

On the other part, the positive impacts of the scocial media cannot be overemphasized. It helps entrepreneurs and organization publicize product and services. Customers are gotten online and deliveries are made, stress free. There are online jobs which serves as a source of income to individuals, and also online schools. Skills are acquired online as diverse skills acquisition programs flood the internet daily. News and information are gotten without delay through online newspapers, blogs, website e.t.c. All these amongst others, makes the internet a world; a place of life and hope.

Though the internet is a home of no limitation but when it begins to affect lives negatively, then there should be a limitation.

This article was written by Somuyiwa Oreoluwa; connect with her on IG here

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