A grand look into the modern society and the present day youth puts a lot of question in the mind of the older generations long existed and puts a very big question mark in the character of the modern youths. One can’t help but wonder where is this generation headed for? They say the youths are future of tomorrow, lets pave the way for them and teach them what they ought to know .But the people called the youths are they ready to learn ?

To maintain order, knowledge and skills are always being passed down to younger ones to brace them up for the future so that they can continue to survive in the way their forefathers did and become better. So what happens when these skills and knowledge are not passed down, what chaos would this result to.

The modern day youths face a lot of challenges which is marring their future, such problems are;

  1. The social media saga: The internet has become an interesting world of its own. A world filled with trends and captivating posts. The way phones are being handled these days you might even begin to wonder if they are part of the daily routine or a dose to be taken several times a day. The interesting thing about this whole stuff is that once you get lost in the internet world it’s hard to be found. The youths no longer have time to do other things like reading, helping their parents with house works. They call those reading ;nerds and those lingering around their parents to learn skills; old school. That world called the social media has caused more harm than good.


  1. No time management and productivity: Everyone has their priorities and there is nothing wrong with that. But our youths will have to realize that it is essential to set their priorities straight. Everyone wants to be great in future but with no effort to manage time and ensure an environment of productivity. They have to create ideas and put those ideas to use and see what it can get us. Most inventors of the world invented those things we use at their youthful ages an example is param jaggi an inventor of the exhaust filter at age 15.Being productive will take the youths and the country to a greater height.


  1. Get money fast syndrome: Every youth wants to buy Benz live in a mansion e.t.c. This problem is now rampant, young boys and girls going into dark arts just to get money. Girls becoming specialists in prostitution. Now how will they pave way for the future generations? Nobody wants to work they all want fast money this will only put the future in jeopardy.

This is just an information am passing out to the youths out there. If no one is left to think, work, strategize and teach the generations to come. WHAT IS THEIR FATE?


This article was written by Nwankwo Gloria; connect with her on IG here

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