“At every moment, for example, maybe ten percent of money in the world is related to goods and services. Ninety percent of money is just moving around the world, chasing money. So, money has become the ruler and we have become the servant” – Satish Kumar

There is no doubt that get-rich-quick became the very thinking of man, youth especially. Perhaps, it’s no sin to quest for money through lawful means but it is believed to be a slow means, hence, the get-rich-quick syndrome appears on foreheads of people as many have been confirmed doing unlawful things just for materialism. A case of a Lagos boy who killed for 15 thousand best portraits the order of get-rich-quick, the case of scam all round social network cannot be overlooked too and so make fraud means youth engaged in, all in the name of materialism. The fact remains that in the past time, people do not quest for worldly things as so much it is in today’s world, they rather invest in what would bring a brighter future but today the order of the day is money. This has taken people into killing human being of their kind, stealing panties and selling human part, we hear on media all these every day.

Prof. Mahfouz Adedimeji in his book “The Webs of Shaitan, the way out” explained that “the get rich quick syndrome is prevalent in our society to the extent that it defies social stratification, both the young and old, male and female, hardworking and lazy, in fact every Audu, Emeka and Olu is involved “.

Nevertheless, materialism which brings about get-rich-quick can be sweet pretty and cool deal, it can provide you with exciting lifestyles, glorious things and sometimes a little happiness but you’re not stress free as get-rich-quick motive would never let you sleep until you get involved in atrocities.

In his (prof. Mahfouz Adedimeji) book again,  he explained further that “human life has subsequently been ‘thingfied’ and everything is judged on the basis of its material quality”.

The get-rich-quick motive however, is likened to a mother whom out of contentment fornicates around, she got pregnant and resulted to bastard children who continue to disturb the peace of society.

This get-rich-quick motive therefore gave birth to bribery and corruption, killing, assassination, robbery, and insecurity. The rates of these atrocities would continue to rise until we stop looking up to people who are more than us and focused on people we have more than (people below our standard).

Finally, the division of life is that sometimes there wouldn’t be enough money to tour around the world, however, money can only buy little happiness to a certain extent. Learn to enjoy your happiness wherever it lies, be positive and kill the motive of get-rich-quick, it push you astray.

Note: Slow and steady wins the race and hasty life is hasty death.


This story was written by Adebayo Faysol; connect with him on Instagram here


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