Theatrically yet fictionally, Bimpe was starving and what she wanted for food was love. As shining as armors are, he came in one at the right time swinging an intriguing bowl of love before her eyes. Yummy! Her brain tickled non-stop, he came in the wrap she likes; dimpled.   Her patience finally paid off but she didn’t know, she didn’t know he belonged to that category of boys who indulge in romance-body-count. These boys do nothing other than to mark a girl, chase, get, ‘colonize’, bed, dump, and hop onto the next train.

The theory ‘colonizing-complex’ is quite simple on the inside in that every emotion starts with an urge, a desire to do something. Bimpe’s urged to be happy through the promising edges of love and Charles urged for lofty social status amongst his gang. Urge that has to do with girls’ body count. He is an emblem of superiority; his successful ability to exploit is where the pride is.

Piece by piece, she realized the gap in communication, the morning calls were the first to stop. The table turned and Bimpe would call twelve times and Charles would pick once and every time she would apologize for nothing. She would be like, ‘Hello love, please don’t cut the call, please don’t be annoyed, I just want to know how you doing.’ Her voice would be mournful and gentle. Weeks later, she would garner the facts of his gist with another neighboring girl, she would know it’s time to move on but no, she goes into denial. She dives into hope and reassuring good memories of when he was vehemently coming for her before she surrendered the treasure chest. It is gravy to know no one admits to being used; hence, she would keep hoping he comes back. And the root of colonialism so fervently deep; every other guy that would come her way, she would push away, each guy would try every convincing trick in the book of passionate affection.

The colonized mind can never be free until it wants to, take for instance Nigeria who has been supposedly free for fifty-nine years, yet, she lusts still after her master. The point therein is the fact that Nigeria is never free. Nigeria does all she could to mimic her master’s steps, her master still in her, she wants her master. No matter what philosophers postulate, the colonized mind is never free until it wants to be. And there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to help. Bimpe is an epitome of Nigeria, her reasoning would become erratic and she is not to be blamed, Charles took away her treasured chest, her pride. Psychologically and morally, her mind has been colonized and exploited. The ‘colonizing-complex’ applies, it essentially states that; a colonized mind always yearns, craves, lusts after its colonial master. It will take a volcano of drastic inner force to shed away the stubborn wraps of imperialism; the unequal coexistence of the superior being and the inferior one.

This article was written by Salami Samuel Aduragbemi; connect with him on IG here 


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