Kevin beside Duke still coughed, looking like a red strawberry stood at the middle of his throat, but in the next instinct he made to laugh again, only stopped by the cough, as if still reminding him he had to get rid of the strawberry at the middle of his throat first. It looked like if the cough was given a voice it would sound like a Nigerian Mother, like it would say You think you are bigger than me Okwaya? “

Now his laughter grew weaker, slowly turned to weak chuckles and there was quiet , giving peace to the environment , like a noisy generator that had run out of fuel ,a generator whose owner didn’t know had limited fuel . Apparently, Duke was supposed to join in the laughter , to fuel Kevin on, so he would say the other part of the gist while laughing and coughing. It was ‘the pant’ gist ‘  and Kevin hadn’t even gotten to the peak yet, the part where the girl’s pant made one ‘Nonso’ a billionaire.

Duke’s visage was completely serious ,the kind a  mathematics teacher just needed to make you a focus object in the classroom ,the kind that would tell her you got each and every word she said.

“Go on,’  Duke mumbled. Kevin looked blankly at him. ”Go on now!,“  he repeated sterner now.

Duke had a very rough past month. He just got dropped as a bank staff and his girlfriend or ‘Fiancée’ as he called her , whom  he gave a temporary cheap rubber ring had moved on last week with ‘Emmanuel’ after he and her watched Acrimony together, not to mention the 40 missed calls he wakes up to from his mother, and he didn’t even want to guess why.

“I said tell me the rest of it!, “ Duke snapped angrily picking a red headed kitchen knife sitting at their middle , completely throwing Kevin off his feet in a hostile panic.

Kevin still had the blank look on his face with a touch of fright. If he had looked at Duke’s face,  he would have noticed the mischief his eyes spelt, but he was a bit more preoccupied with the knife vibrating in his palms.

“I got you, bro! Duke busrted out laughing; a literal manifestation of a turned table: the coughing, the heavy laughter and then there was Kevin with the  serious look.

“Common, buddy! How would you fall for that? You know even in my hard predicament right now, things are way better than they were years back, yet I persevered. I’m not  about to throw my integrity away. Things always get better at the end of the day and by the way, the only person’s ‘panties I would have used threw my ring on my face last week,” Duke joked, leaving both boys at the mercy of laughter.


This article was written by Chukwukere Nwovike; connect with him on IG here


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