Music, movies, fashion, sports, the latest technological advancements. What else do the youths of the day have if not the aforementioned? It is them. It is what they were born into, and as society is what makes a man, it is what they would become.

The singular difference lies in the variety of these trends that youths indulge themselves in. The varieties can be determined by the purpose of choice. What is the aim? Is it for self-development, business or enjoyment?

Albert Einstein once said that technology would surpass human interaction and the world would have a generation of idiots. I believe that Buhari had the social media in view when he called Nigerians ‘lazy Nigerian youths’.

Whilst I can agree with these two sayings it is not wholly true. Yes,  there are a whole lot of vibrant youth out there who do nothing but waste their time. But there are still the diligent ones, who use the social media beneficially by promotion their upcoming brands, talents, skills, etc.

You cannot be a sportsman if you do not like sports. Sports and sporting activities engaged in by youths not only promotes physical fitness but opens them up to opportunities both at home and abroad. Take for example, football. Footballers can only play internationally until the age of about 35.

The fashion trend comes in a very vast style and it is largely influenced by what we see. Youths would dress like celebrities and people around them because however it is, whether decent, crazy or indecent, it is what they grew up seeing and to them it is the norm. We can only hope for good role models.

Movies have a large impact in lives. What we watch is photographed by our minds and become indelible for as long as our memory span lasts. I personally think that our choice of language is considerably influenced by movies. If not, where did Nigerians who have never been abroad learn to talk like the Whites?

Music is a colossal influencer. Almost everyone loves music. We here it. We learn it my heart. We say it and we become it. But what sort is listened to whether hip-hop, raggae, soul, gospel, etc makes the difference.

Lastly, with regards to books, there are only too many out there. There are motivational, spiritual, romance, suspense books, etc. The genre does not matter. It is the theme that does. For those who read books, they would of course be influenced by what they read.

I conclude by adding that youth lifestyle is the product of youth culture. The two cannot be separated. The materials in circulation and what is done with them is where lies the difference.

This article was written by I J Onyinyechi; connect with her on IG here


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