The youth are the leaders of tomorrow is something we have heard time without number in our country. Leaders of tomorrow govern the country in a short time to come, leaders of tomorrow are soon parents who then repeat the phrase to their children, leaders of tomorrow are those who will take over formal and informal education and businesses. In light of this, youth are urged by those older than them to work hard in their areas of interest so that they can come into tomorrow as the leaders everyone has been praising for the duration of their youth. This phrase which is meant as an encouragement for youth and a charge to older ones to treasure the youth has had both a positive and negative effect on the mindset of Nigerian youth.

Positively, has driven many a youth to work hard and make something of themselves, especially where they have struggling parents; a constant reminder that today will not get any better and the success of tomorrow is their responsibility.

On the flipside, the same song has been sung so many times, it has left misconceptions about tomorrow. For many, tomorrow is to each his own, they think that tomorrow is when they have made it financially. In lieu of this, they are prone to cheat and steal in a bid to make this dream come true. Many, not all.

Sadly, quite a number of those who do not cheat their way to the top are complacent about their future because they believe they are the leaders of tomorrow and as such are waiting for tomorrow to come so that they can lead.  They believe that because tomorrow is theirs to lead, it will come to them no matter how or where they are but tomorrow will not come if one does not open his eyes. Tomorrow will come for the youth at once like the next day comes for the country at the same time. If tomorrow comes and the youth are unprepared, they will not even know that it is here and this is why we have elderlies whose children have repeated the mantra to their own children still in power; because the ship carrying the banner of tomorrow is ready to sail and there is a shortage of youth to man it.

The truth is,  for any one who is old enough to actually understand the depth of this phrase, tomorrow is today and being a leader starts now, not with an accompanying title. It starts with caring for others more than ourselves, taking responsibility for ourselves, our actions and the results they bring.


This article was written by Nenritmum Shanding; connect with her on Instagram here

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