According to the Cambridge English dictionary, fashion is accorded to be a style that is popular at a particular time, especially in clothes, hair, makeup, etc. Despite the simplicity observed in this definition, people have different things to consider when dealing with fashion. Fashion is dynamic in nature.

Fashion is however a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which people presents them.

As stated above, fashion could seem to be as what people hold as trending, popular and dominant in a particular period. It could be decent or indecent, moral or immoral, accepted by a few and rejected by many. It is these factors that constitute the different brands of fashion prevalent in the society.

Fashion goes a long way in defining an individual; Due to the fact that it is now obvious and evident that fashion defines a person it would be ignorant to hold mere assertions on an individual based on his/her choice of dressing. Defining a person could go a long way, for example, a girl might be considered indecent by dressing in ‘too revealing outfits’ like miniskirts etc this mere assertion should not lead to the assault of the female individual. Also, Charlotte McKinney an American actress and model points out that if a woman walks into a room wearing a fuchsia dress for example, you can be pretty sure that the person is not a wallflower. You can observe that she likes attention, and host of other things with two short words “fuchsia dress”. A person should not be judged based on his/her choice of clothing but rather be given the freedom to wear whatever pleases. Also, an individual seen in a Haute Couture outfit belongs on the runway.

Fashion also gives insights to an individual’s economic status; An individual seen putting on a shirt from the famous fashion line “Gucci” it could be evident from there that the individual is a working class and is earning hugely, than a person who doesn’t earn enough.

Fashion could also give insights to the climate condition; The climate condition and also the predominant resource available in the area, for example, cotton may be relatively cheap in the United States while they are considered luxury in other parts of the world.

Fashion proves statements; for example, the recently concluded Haute couture under the design influence of Elie Saab, her fashion line depicted catchphrases that aired political views and these have a way of influencing the government of the people.

In conclusion, it is evident that fashion in whole is a microcosm of a macrocosm of an individual. It tells so much about a person with such little detail. It is then left on the part of the individual, in as much as everyone has freedom to their opinion of fashion, other factors should be considered. And also individuals should not judge others based on their choices of fashion.


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