Nigerian youths are known to constitute the only real hope for the future of the country. In spite of this, the statistics of unemployed youth in the country keeps increasing, livelihood adversities continue to restrict opportunities available to men/women and a lot of people have become vulnerable to trafficking, abuse, prostitution, thuggery and political violence. However, there’s another menace that plagues Nigerian youths today and this is social media. Social media is a place where people not only show off great things about themselves, but for instance, also go ahead to fake marriages for likes/fame on Instagram and other social media networks. While social media has great parts, the temptation to compare yourself with others is becoming overpowering. People now create false impressions and people buy into their façade, which is making way for this “I pass my neighbor syndrome”.

Due to this, these days, a lot of youths are not prepared for the labor market as they don’t have the skills to match the workplace.  Instead, people/youths are in a hurry to make fast money such as yahoo boys who have created the whole “girls getting mad saga”.

In this nation, all of these and more are, therefore, the issues that affect our youth. However, in the midst of this chaos, confusion, uncertainty, the vast majority of a Nigerian youth’s labor goes towards their own progress, without any support from the government in areas such as sports, technology, movies, innovation, music etc. In effect, due to the hustling spirit,  you can now see Nigerian graduates going into tailoring, cosmetology, the selling of clothes/ perfumed oils, attending the next economy program for skills acquisition, applying to the tony elumelu foundation, buying domains for blogging, becoming social media influencers, becoming writers, utilising social media as a marketing tool especially on Twitter, YouTube channels, becoming makeup artists, and utilising the benefits of Taxify, Uber, Zkyte etc.

As a result, if these achievements are not due to the tenacity of Nigerian Youths, then I don’t know what is. Hardly would one see a Nigerian youth who is not engaging in some sort of business venture or just simply being tired of their predicament and actively looking for solutions. These youths are even ready to leave home in search of greener pastures and this is why, some Nigerian youths are now being recognised as hardworking in spite of the negative stereotypes that come alongside being Nigerian.  We, therefore, thrive, grow, evolve, take up challenges, conquer and never give up on ourselves.


This article was written by Lisa Otabe; connect with her on Instagram here


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