Whoever said “it’s what is on the inside that counts” couldn’t have been more optimistic about human kind but let us face it; what is on the inside can be just as important.

Fashion, just as every other thing, is moving, in every direction. And because everybody wants to fit in, one gets caught up in the web of immodest dressing.

Fashion is fad; and even with the enchantment it possesses, it still fades. 

Apparently, it is in clocks and seasons. We all know the drill, don’t we? A very simple recycling process; works and relics of what our ancestors left us, remodeled into a whole different thing. There is nothing new under the sun you would say. 

 Personally, sometimes I just want to strife and have sparring matches with these patterns but I just cannot help except to wonder and appreciate the art of it all. 

Yes, fashion is a form of art. It really is! And art is beneficial to the society. It is undisputable that fashion has a significant place in the life of every youth. At times, it can be the source of things that make life more enjoyable and in same vein be a path to destruction for some unguided lot. 

Regardless of what you’ve done in the past, how much money you have in your bank account, how famous you are, or how fat you’ve become, a man in a well-tailored suit will always get treated better than some Salome off the street or a woman as the case may be. This point applies to every business professional, musician, receptionist, public speaker, teacher and even footballer and so on. 

Speaking of which, dressing well is important to a person’s self-composure as well. 

Fashion, especially in living a life of impact is vital to communicating the impression of who a person is. And yes, it goes beyond dressing alone. From hairstyles, sunshades, jewelries, wrist watches to shoes etc., etc., I believe these can clinch your exuberance for your career and show your qualities. I am talking about exuding confidence and working your way out of mediocrity and average! 

It is expressing oneself in the most aesthetic way… there is no one authority on how what and what should look like, permit me to say ‘whatever you feel is right’ is the catchphrase of fashion

Do you even know that there are gold studded pouches for phones and laptops? Now you do, give Fashion the ‘thank you’ instead. 

Can I have my shoe laces, please? 

This article was written by Folu Ekun; connect with him on IG here  

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