It is an undeniable fact that Nigeria is furnished with the sexiest men in Africa. We are talking about guys whose smiles make us smile, who we’d like to marry or aspire to be, particularly those in the music industry. As much as we’d love to put everyone’s name on the list, we have no choice but to narrow it down to just five. Check out who we think is the king of sexiness….

Don Jazzy  

When most people hear the word sexy, the automatically think of abs, bare chest and a fully bearded face, our number five doesn’t really fall into that category but somehow he manages to make all the ladies swoon over him, so of course he’s on our list. He is working that belly and the ladies don’t hate it and those eyes, we can’t forget those dreamy eyes.


Number four on our sexy-list is Falz TheBahdGuy. Our favorite sweetboy came into our lives and stole our hearts. He teaches your boyfriend how to be a gentleman, how to dress and recently how to speak French, and what girl doesn’t want a bilingual bae. We love his music and can’t wait for his videos just so we can see him in his essence. We just can’t get enough of Folarin Falana.


We can’t make a list of the sexiest male artistes in Nigeria and not include Iyanya. Mr. Oreo has been everyone’s crush since way back and we have to say that he only gets better with age, Beard on point, that bod, that jawline, I mean we don’t need to say more. Although he’s a shorty he’s definitely a smash.


Lynxxx is what sexy is. If sexy was a person, he would be Lynxxx. He could have been on the top of our list but since he isn’t so active in the industry at the moment we don’t get to see him often. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, and we’d all love some Lynxxx right now. He’s always with the mean mug look and we can’t get enough of it. No matter what he wears, suits or sweatpants, Lynxxx always oozes sexiness.

Burna Boy

The sexiest quality any man can have is success and Burna has been extremely successful lately. But his success isn’t the only thing he dished us this past year. Burna drips confidence. He’s not afraid to show off a little skin, he’s always giving us extra and his style speaks for him, an unbothered king, he gives off a calm and collected vibe and he’s the kind of man that the ladies want. Na we dey rush am. We can’t hide the fact that we’re all in love with Burna, on the low.

That concludes our sexy-list. Not everyone may agree with us but this is how we feel, so argue with your phones.


This article was written by Faith Onaji; connect with her on IG here

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