Internet has become part parcel of our everyday life. In fact, the world we live in now has, even, become a world of internet because everything we use are, nowadays, mostly affiliated with internet. In schools, offices, everywhere.

However, internet has been mismanaged. Its purpose has dumped and that made us fell into its net. Its trap. Imagine in a school where there is availability of free wifi to study and make researches while the students are using it for watching and downloading distractive videos. Distractive videos I mean. Such as pornography. A student that falls into this Net should prepare for failure, not even examination but in his life. There are students that browse while the lecturer is in class. Should we now say internet should be restricted to students where we have serious students that make use of it judiciously? Well, at times I do submit that we all in life but we are living different lives.

To bring it to the medium we all used to. Social media. Social media contribute to the falling of people into this net. There are some people who expose their secretive parts on social media, with pleasure in fact. And these are the things devil directs us to. This really has negative effects on the students especially, because I got to realize that non-serious students or ‘futureless’ people are those that promote these frivolous acts.

I would have limited myself to social media alone which we see as source of these distractions but distractions are not only from them, we have websites that promote illegalities. There are some websites that give out free porno videos and porno pictures. There are some websites that give guidelines on how money could be made unlawfully.

Sometimes I do ponder why we have internet. But I do ask myself again that can we survive without internet? Internet serves good purposes, it serves good purposes for good users. In an instance of social media where we connect to our long seen friends and families. Social media is even the source of information for some people because most people don’t stress themselves to reading news on news websites. Examples are also news websites, writing tips websites and in fact publishing websites.

Conclusively, internet is good or bad depends on what you use it for. It saddens my heart someday I was watching the television and a Google worker was being interviewed. He made the point that most internet users nowadays make use of it illegally. The net of internet is widely open for who is ready to fall in. I pity the future generations.


This story was written by Ahmad Adedimeji Amobi; connect with him on Instagram here


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