Music no doubt plays an important role in socialization of young people, particularly the young adults. The focus here is on the content or message.To what extent do our artiste pay attention to the content of what they sing and what kind of message that is being passed on in the songs that are being released in this contemporary period of earnest desire for rapid game and wealth. Let me start by saying that music has the potential to change ones mood and also encourage different mindsets and behaviour.

The music we listen to has the power to morally and emotionally influence us.Song lyrics has the potential to be a major influence in a child’s life especially the youths. And if we try to reflect on the contemporary music industry,we would be left with the question of whether what we listen to is content based. Nigeria music industry is filled with all manners and genres of music that one way or the other has effects on the young adults.

Most music do not discuss the dangers of sexual activities,such as unplanned pregnancy or STDS,instead these music’s often glorifies promiscuity and promotes gender stereotypes in their lyrics. Youths who listen to degrading sexual lyrics are more likely to engage in riskier sexualised behaviour. Degrading lyrics tend to objectify both genders and portray men as sex-driven and women as sexual objects which is not to be so.

Also another influence is that music can increase a teens suicide risk when song lyrics focus on death and suicide,it can make suicide seem like a good solution to problems. Another influence music can have on youths is Aggression,listening to lyrics that involves gun, violence and aggressive behaviour can have a negative influence on youths. Violent lyrics increase both aggressive thoughts and aggressive feelings.

Music lyrics can also have a negative influence on youths because some song  lyrics often galmorize drug and alcohol use and also in their music videos too and research has made it known that alcohol is portrayed in music videos once every 14minutes.Some music often portray substance use as cool without showing the negative consequences of addiction.

As they listen to some of these naija tunes,the utmost concern is very high as most lyrics have become too explicit in their reference to drugs,sex and violence, particularly in certain genre. Most lyrics today are nothing to write home about. This doesn’t mean that music is bad for our young adults and should be thrown out of the window. However the kind of music most Nigerian artistes churn out today has a potential to affect the well being of these young adults as it creates feelings that affects their behaviour.A message to all artistes out there is that whenever a song is to be released,we should make sure that it is passing a positive message to the society.

This article was written by Kolade Olayemi; connect with her on IG here