“Babe, forget that thing! Nothing spoil!” Onome looked down at her tiny friend Dami as she bounced from place to place like what she had just told her was totally unimportant. What nonsense was she spewing? This was a very big problem! 

“Babe see”, Dami started,” The same way wey the thing follow enter inside, na the same way wey we go use commot am!”

“Do you know the implications of what you’re saying?” She asked her tiny friend Dami

Dami stopped moving around and sat still beside Onome on her bed, then with a very calm and almost motherly voice asked her, “Do you have another choice?”

Onome turned away from dami, not wanting to acknowledge the truth. Looking at the ceiling, she wondered how she got herself in such terrible situation.

Her dad retired last year and things became unbearably difficult for her family, they had to concentrate all the money available on her little siblings and Onome was left to fend for herself. She did odd jobs throughout last year but no more! She looked extremely tired and haggard all the time, always weaving her fellow girls’ hair and washing people’s clothes. She was insulted a few times and she couldn’t take it anymore, she wanted to be like her friend Dami who wore expensive things, so she related her thoughts to Dami. 

Onome told her fellow poverty stricken friends that her time of washing clothes for her fellow students had come to an end and in a couple of months, she had more things than she could ever need. Alhaji Abdulbari was treating her like a queen, she never lacked anything and she was never going to leave Alhaji for anything in the world, she didn’t mind being a fourth wife. Everything had been great till now, she was pregnant and had to perform an abortion.

Onome opened her eyes to see the outline of her mother’s face. “What happened mom? Why are you here? She asked

 “I’m sorry my baby, I haven’t been a good mother. Collecting money from you without knowing the source! I didn’t ask because I was scared to know. This is all my fault” her mother cried.

“Mom! Tell me! Why am I in a hospital?”

“You fainted my dear. Dami told me you tried to do an abortion? It didn’t work, the baby was never in your womb, it was in your fallopian tube, now your fallopian tube has to be removed or you will die. You’ve had an ectopic pregnancy. In a few minutes, you will be taken to the theatre and …”

Onome wasn’t hearing anymore, everything went dark, her eyes opened and she realized she was in a theatre, people with masks and sharp objects above her. As she delved into the deep dark, she saw a bowl filled with soapy water and some clothes in front of her, “your life will be hard either way” a voice said, “Wash harder”.

This article was written by Theodora Ezeala; connect with her on IG here  

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