“Music is life.”

“Music is the food for the soul.”

One cannot agree more with these two phrases and I’ll tell you why.

Life in general is a combination of different elements, there is the good and the bad, there are ups and downs just like the pitch of various musical notes. As with music, there are also the tempos and rhythms of life. There is music in everything; the beat of our hearts, the rates of our respirations, our footfalls and even the sound of our bowel movements to mention but a few.

Looking back, one cannot pinpoint the origin of this thing called music but it keeps evolving and never goes out of existence. It lives in every culture, country and tribe; it adds beauty and colour to any people and it also acts as a mark of identity. Take Nigeria for instance, the different cultural music and traditional dances gives unique distinctions to the varying tribes. Safe to say that music goes hand in hand with dance; just imagine, there would be nothing to dance to without music!

For the second phrase, music stimulates, relaxes and energizes the mind(soul). Often times, we hear a piece of music for the first time, maybe in another language and we are just mesmerized by the sound without knowing the meaning of the song. Music stimulates our subconscious and relaxes the mind and body to help us sleep better. Ever wonder why people usually sing lullabies to infants to help them fall asleep?

Music brings joy, happiness, love, sadness or despair depending on the genre of music being heard; and the soul is the bed of emotions right? A good upbeat music can have us dancing and celebrating but a ballad of any genre can create a sentimental atmosphere for its listeners. Music brings people together especially at parties and social gatherings. It gives us something to talk about when we find others who love the same genres of music we do. Music makes performing a tedious task more enjoyable like listening to music while running or working out to music in a gym and carrying out house chores. Music is actually a way of life that can be beneficial to our emotional, physical and social wellbeing.The key to a happy life is to note the tone and tempo of everyday happenings, making melody by developing a rhythm, dancing with a twirl or a tango to the beats of life without stepping on another’s toes, and creating good timbres by living in harmony with others. Make your life a beautiful piece of music.

This article was written by Stephanie Chibuzor Okonjo; connect with her on IG here

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