Social media is a world of its own where anything is possible, anyone can have anything and everything without having anything. When we see expensive cars, houses and assets we believe its as easy and simple as it looks on the media. We sleep and wake on people instagram pages wishing for all the beauties we see not knowing if they truly exist or not.

A person takes a picture in a beautiful house with a pool and fleet of cars and post on Instagram does not mean he or she owns it. We see and fall in love with a loving, peaceful and humble person on the media, that is the image they want us to see when in the real sense no such person exist. We live our lives following the footsteps of people who do not exist. We build and break our relationships following the precepts of a relationship on the media which does not and never did exist.

We feel that since Miss. UK posted on her page that she cannot stay with a man without a car and a house, we decide to leave our beautiful relationship because there is no house or fleet of cars; a relationship we were happy and contented with until we started believing in non existing things.

It has gotten to the point where the youths tend to droll over a lifestyle that doesn’t exist. We see beautiful looking and well dressed faces coupled with smiles on IG and we believe that is all, that they are happy and we wish to be them. I am not saying that it is not good to admire or draw inspiration from successful people, in fact it aids you on your way up. My point is don’t spend your time envying everything you see on the media because not all of them are real.

You see celebrities slaying in diverse outfits, how it came about you don’t know and you say you must buy same clothes. You don’t have a job, you are not running a business and you want to slay like those that run businesses and have well paying jobs. Snap out of that day dream!

Who says all those clothes they put on are purchased and owned by them? Who told you that they bought those cars themselves?

Yes they own the cars, the houses, the dresses and accessories, did it fall on them from the skies? Did they get it sleeping on peoples IG or Twitter pages?

Channel your time and energy on something that will benefit your future and stop envying and hoping for things that does not exist.

The media is a fallacy, a fairy tale, pick the most beneficial things to you and forget the rest.  

Be wise!

Kisses 😘😘😘


This article was written by Onuorah Eucharia; connect with her on Instagram here


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