“Ladies are fragile in nature”

Who said men aren’t?. 

The environment we live in, indirectly influences our thoughts and actions as people have personal and public opinions about every move we make. In a bid to avoid unnecessary ‘drama’, bossy attitudes spring up on the outside; not to deter people away especially the opposite sex -, but to protect our fragility, insecurities and principles. 

“Is it bad being bossy?… I’m tired of being betrayed… I don’t like being alone… I don’t have friends who are single it’s frustrating… There’s no fun in being single…”. These thoughts emanate from the sources we constantly feed our minds from. Truth is, you can enjoy being single ‘HOW?’. 

For the ladies, it’s inevitable to miss the calls, messages, late night cuddles, sex, the bond, the title tag “I’m in a relationship”-, and the feeling which is simply indescribably incomparable to nothing.

However, the men in their macho build and bossy nature do get broken too. You can enjoy your single days and make them interesting and memorable. Most men do know how to get over this phase by hanging out, getting engaged with work, a project, a hobby, gaming or anything to keep them going. To you who is optionless, this isn’t a ticket to flirting around and starting a movement. It’s a phase you should embrace and maximize. Here’s a few tips you should try.

*Listen to Music: Shuffle your playlist and cut songs related to breakup, rebellion and the likes. The songs you listen to should spur a positive energy and give a good vibe. Wake up, work with and sleep off on good music.

*Love Yourself: Self-love is beyond taking lovely selfies. You should appreciate You for You and fall in love with your personality.

*Live Gratefully: Inculcate the habit of giving gratitude to God, people and yourself. Be thankful for friends, family, relationships, experiences and lessons learnt.

*Hang Out: Be in an environment that excites you. Spend an evening out with friends or family, share a drink with a stranger, take a stroll to the park, travel- if you can and discuss exciting topics like politics, sports, tech, fashion

*Learn Something New: Learning is a continuous process. You could learn a new skill, dance moves, how to bake, do a graphic design; basically anything you’ve always to be knowledgeable about. If you need to enroll, do it.

*Try Exercising: Working out, hitting the gym, practising yoga and falling in love with a sport- swimming, badminton, basketball etc.- will not only help distract you, but build you up, keep you fit, fresh, young and glowing.

*Target Self Development: Do a SWOT analysis on yourself, develop in the areas you need to work on, build capacity, grow your network and most importantly- keep a record.

These tips are not limited to gender, age, class, colour, background, qualifications, religion, status, colour and more. If you need to get something done, you go all out for it. You should exercise the same positive energy into enjoying your alone moments or company with friends. You don’t have to be out of a relationship to be single. Be proud of being single and enjoy your single-hood. 

This article was written by Edukere Gloria; connect with her on IG here  

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