Give this title a quick search in your dictionary and it would explain itself to you, but a little briefing won’t hurt, would it?

A paradigm is just a set of beliefs, values and concepts upon which every individual man forms his being, tools which builds reality on.

Most of the qualities we possess have been structured without our knowledge;  our height, our gender, the color of our skin, the color of our eyes, all these whether we liked them or not have somehow been planned by genetics, long line of parental choices. 

For some people born with abnormalities, who have had their life’s path chosen by dire hereditary health conditions, there might be a question of why these things are. Luckily for everyone there was one thing that for some reason was left unstructured, and that is the mind.

The mind, it is built not necessarily by the things you see but by which sight you invest your thoughts on, not necessarily by what we hear but by how much we are willing to absorb the things we hear, not entirely structured by the color of our skin or our hair but by what we perceive ourselves to be.

Cultural barriers, ethnic differences, varying religious beliefs, benchmarks for success, only but to name a few, are the foundation upon which the paradigms of most Nigerians and all the people of the world have been built, even before the consciousness of the change that the mind is capable of making.

Scripts were written for us, plots and themes upon which we had no choosing, were arranged for us to follow, settings which by right have been laid down for us to own and never leave again, barriers, restrictions to what I call the free will of conscience.

Not only can radios be tuned, not only can voices be trained, and not only can animals be taught, also we as humans can be shaped, in mind and automatically in will; by re-evaluating our belief system, by prioritizing what matters and what does not, by understanding that the actions we take affects all men either negatively or positively, we will do well to cut, trim and add from and to everything we once knew to be correct, right and true. Only then can our paradigms be shifted.

Value positive change, because there’s so much we do not know.

This article was written by Echere Grace Enwere; connect with him on IG here  

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