Paul smiled as he stared at the little child that was placed in his arms by his wife Cynthia ; a baby boy that was born a week ago. He couldn’t believe he was finally a father after 12 years of marriage. He had just returned from a long journey as usual.

Suddenly,he saw himself as the little child in his arms and wandered how his parents felt when they saw and held him for the first time. Where they thrilled beyond words just like he was or was he seen as another burden and mouth to be cared for?
“Nkmeeeeee! Nkmeeeeee!! “He jolted back to reality as the little one announced that he was awake and hungry. Paul quickly summoned for Cynthia who was busy in the kitchen preparing his favourite dish; peppered jollof rice. Before you knew it the hungry being was already sucking hungrily at his milk source.
It was 12:00 noon and the sun was at its prime in the sky but this did not stop Paul who marched out,whistling happily to rush to the closest supermarket to pick up a few things for his new pride,waving at anyone he saw on his way.

Reaching home, he saw Cynthia pacing up and down with the delicate being in her arms.”What’s wrong?” Paul inquired as he saw tears rolling down he.”He is burning with fever”she replied. At the hospital, the doctor said the baby was suffering from heart complications and needed surgery that would cost #3.5million.”Eh?”Was all that Paul could say as he slumped into the closest seat with different thoughts and questions running through his mind.
Three hours later,Paul returned with the money to Cynthia’s amazement because she knew that her husband was a common truck driver but she did not care at the moment,all she thought about was how her son would survive.
One month later,they were discharged from the hospital and returned home. But now Paul was in deep thoughts because he knew he had a wall ahead of him which he had to cross.
Months passed by.

An hour after he left for work on a fateful day,he had to return home because he left his driver’s licence on the centre table.Reaching home,everywhere was quiet so he called Cynthia a few times but heard no response.Suddenly he could hear her voice at the backyard. “My dear, just leave that impotent one that calls himself a man, he thinks he is the father of our child but I am grateful that he provided the money for the surgery if not what would we have done?. I guess I will suggest we call the baby kris so that he can bear your name secretly”.

Paul’s head began to spin,what did he just hear? Impotent? Kris? His best friend’s name is Kris and his wife just called him impotent. A loud shriek escaped his lungs as Cynthia rushed in and saw him, shame all over her face.

He walked out of the house absentmindedly looking like a man that was suddenly struck with memory loss.The money,he sold everything valuable thing he ever owned and even borrowed from the bank just to meet up and now the baby is not his? As he walked pass, the last thing he heard was ” oga comot for road ooo!!”. There was blood and body parts everywhere as the driver of the loaded trailer drove past without stopping only to leave a  smashed and scattered Paul on the tarred road.

This article was written by Bartholomew Thomas; connect with him on IG here 


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