Sometimes I take pictures and I am surprised as to the output of the phone camera. I am surprised at myself because I know I am not as handsome as the phone camera has painted me to be. Eventually Whenever I look at the mirror, the answer I have been searching for is always in front of me. My phone camera is a bloody liar.

It paints my lips pink making me appear attractive and sexually appealing to both men and women. It moisturizes my skin making it look like Aliko Dangote were my personal driver. It colors my skin just in case I am uncomfortable with the one God gave to me. Finally, it gives me a new personality that makes it really difficult being recognized in reality by my Instagram friends. Most times I am forced to remind them say na me o! That popular fresh dude on Instagram.

This is the irony of living fake lives on social media. We continually deceive ourselves by the social media hype and deceptions. The kind of the pictures we post is the reason why alot of our ladies are talented street hawkers. The kind of pictures we post is the reason why alot of our men are in the prisons. The kind of pictures we post is the reason why most talented young boys turn to yahoo boys. 

Taking and capturing each moment of our lives is indeed memorable. But if the pictures we post on social media do not reflect who we are in real life, we are only damaging our assets.  What you share online will either scare away every fake person in your life or it will inspire them to finally let go of that mirage called “perfection”. Most of the fine pictures and publications we see online depict the opposite sides of these people’s lifestyles. The persons we think are happy are the distressed amongst us. The ones we think are living the lives we could only imagine are paying dearly with their lives to sustain them. Whereas the ones that are truly happy and contented, the best part of their lives never make it to social media. 

Stop imitating the pictures you see on social media. Post about your current life situation. Post about your abilities and talents. Post about how you feel and ask for help if need be. Post about your brands and businesses. Don’t kill yourself because of the over hyped picture profiles of real life failures. All they have got better than you is a better quality phone and talented camera men. Don’t fall a Victim of social media hype and craze. If you fall victim, we shall all be glad to come and pick one of your favorite pictures on your Profile to pay our final respects. Your present life situation does not define nor represent your future life projections. Life only gets better. Wise Up abeg!

This article was written by Agboeze Ugochukwu; connect with him on IG here  

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