The day of birth and the day of death are the most important days in a man’s life. Unfortunately, man has no control over the decision of life and death. Only the Supreme Creator does! The time between life and death is your greatest asset. Therefore, you must learn to grab all opportunities and utilise them well. Time waits for no one!

Every opportunity no matter how big or small presents an avenue to shoot your shot. Opportunities are rare to come by and lost opportunities may never be recovered. It is wiser to seize opportunities as they come by taking action. The word ‘action’ should be recited as many times as possible until it becomes part of your existence. Never forget that your dreams, goals and aspirations can only be set in motion through action. Now is the time to take steps to make that dream a reality! Don’t wait for it to happen!

Louis Tomlinson said “If you want to do something, go for it- you’ve got nothing to lose.” The first step to failure is never trying. You’ve got nothing to lose! Nothing! If you try. The highest response anyone can give is a ‘NO’. Just try again and again and again until you get a ‘YES’. I hear a lot of people say “Oh! I tried a number of times and still got a NO.” Of course! A ‘NO’ is inevitable if you’re not well prepared. You must know what to say at the right time, in the right environment and most importantly, to the right person(s).

Shooting a shot may be one of the scariest things for you but here are some tips to shooting the right way. The first key is identifying the right person(s). An accident victim will never engage the services of an engineer for treatment because only a doctor can provide such services. You don’t go hunting for bush meat when you want to eat fish. You must identify your target before shooting at it. You must get the right person who will give you what you’re looking for.

Planning is pertinent. This is a war against failure and no soldier goes to war unprepared. Even Jesus Christ prepared for his crucifixion. This is a time to set your strategies in place. Organise your weapons, develop your arguments, assemble your ideas, prepare your sword, build your armours, craft your message, construct your resume etc.

It is time to use those weapons. You’ve prepared well at this point and you have to make sure you implement properly. Let your target know what you have to offer. Be artistic with your words yet concise. Speak confidently but avoid arrogant expressions. ‘YES’ is a sure response from your target but if you still get a ‘NO’, please join the next available train.

You want to start a business approach the right people, If you like that person slide into his/her DM and shoot that shot properly…Today!

This article was written by Jessica Chinonye; connect with her on IG here 


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