Life should come with a skip button.

Not a magic wand for wishing away challenges or pain, in fact, it wouldn’t be so bad if all it worked for was skipping generations… yes, you get it; that “Next” generation click. The only disadvantage would be having to deal with the exact problem in the next generation, or worse.

Let’s start at the less angry point.

I am not that old, I hope, but I remember a time when it was a shameful thing to be identified as a fraudster and labelled a “419er”, a time when mothers weren’t proud of sons whose jobs it were to take the sweat of other hardworking men, and spend it all in one night. It wasn’t entirely shameful, I admit, but people didn’t brandish their fraudulent capabilities like a CV and wear their evil victories like badges of honour. Looking back retrospectively, a Mercedes Benz wasn’t a symbol of an indecent profession but represented a touch of class of hard work.

This moral corrosion has eaten so far into the fabric of society so much so that even the so called social media influencers and celebrities indirectly and more often than not, directly endorse the carting away of wealth belonging to other hard working people. Defended as many things, including the fact that these criminal are recovering the nation’s wealth stolen by the ancient colonial masters, our generation has constantly found ways to justify shameful stealing! An entire generation is slowly being replaced by a bunch of brainwashed kids with itchy ears and sticky fingers who think it’s a heroic act to steal without getting caught.

Let’s talk about the hypocrisy of the law. Let’s talk about the men in black wielding AK 47s at any and everyone who has a semblance of success or is simply defenceless enough be the perfect victim in the pretence of ridding the society of the menace called “Yahoo Boys”. A duty aimed at extorting money from innocent citizens, and sometimes the same criminals whom they let roam free once the bribe has been paid.

Let’s talk about the constant rage against corrupt leaders while an entire generation of the future rots in the clasp of greed. A generation of young people whose “prosperity” mindset is stumbling on opportunities to reap where they haven’t sown. A generation whose average motive, upon appointment to a position of power, is to grab as much of the National Cake as they can in 4 years and when in luck, continue to do so for another 4 years.

Let’s talk about the glimmer of hope in the few who attempt to change things where they are and the long road to real freedom and prosperity since life doesn’t actually come with a skip button!

This article was written by Emeka Otoba; connect with him on IG here 

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