One of my friends once told me, “if I am inside Davido’s house with him and suddenly MTV starts playing one of his songs, I’ll get up as fast as I can and change the channel.” This sounded very rude to me until I got to taste what music was to him.

Music according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary is the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion. Music in a more extended way may mean any pleasing or interesting sounds. In the latter definition, music may mean different things to different people; that is to say, the sound of a working generator may be a form of music to Mr. A if it sounds interesting or pleasing to his ears.

The forms and types of music has changed over time, In the United States and some parts of Nigeria, R&B and pop songs dominated most radio airplays in the late ‘80s.

Music has a sought of spiritual power over the human emotion, it lifts the soul and leaves the body swinging to the rhythm of its beats. It’s the expression of stored emotions which can also alter emotions.

Music is a very important part of art with many benefits such as: lessening of anxieties, improves memory, regulation of moods, stress control, pain eraser and provision of comfort for both the listeners and singers. Music also provides job opportunities, income, fame and economic growths.

Due to lack of job opportunities and quest for wealth and fame, many youngsters have ventured into music and at this point, I strongly think that music is slowly losing its essence. Most songs contain poorly written lyrics; most artists either sing about sex, butts or money with no meaningful lyrics.

In today’s world, I cannot confidently sit with my 11year old niece to watch a musical video because of its explicit contents such as 3/4 naked women and sexual scenes. Like someone once told me, “if you want to get sexually aroused, they is no need visiting a pornographic site, just tune to a music video station.” This artists tend to include explicit contents into their musical videos to draw audience because they feel that the lyrics or the rhythm is not good enough to do the job.

Artistes have strong influences on their fans, whatever a fan watches his favorite artist do in a video, such as: dressing, way of walking, way of talking, behavior and so on, they’re chances that a fan would want to act the same way. This means that when a musician portrays a negative attribute in his video, there’s a chance that someone in the society would adopt to it. Music should be a tool for curing the society from its illnesses not a vector for illnesses. Music should be written for the ears and not for the eyes, let’s not let it die.


This article was written by Agi Nuel; connect with him on IG here