The title of the movie initially sent a different picture to my mind’s eyes…when I haven’t seen the movie; I saw moms filled with hatred for one another’s progress and the only way to show their disgust was to lash it out with malice. My mind’s eyes created a picture of a neighborhood filled with moms…successful ones who were ready for war, not with guns and grenades but with pots and ladles…It recreated the weapons as laptops, papers and pens. Lol! My initial image about the movie was wrong.

You see, don’t be quick to judge a movie by its cover.

With a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of smoov, best way to enjoy movies, I took home three worthy lessons the day I saw the movie, ‘Moms at war’.

I was swayed by the strong force built when women put hatred and malice aside, agree and corporate to understand each other, they’ll become unbreakable. This was depicted by Omoni Oboli as Ebubechukwu Ubosi  and Funke Akindele-Bello as Olaide Adetola. They were women who had a strong stand in the society but sometimes saw other women as trash and not up to one’s class especially Ebubechukwu, who saw her neighbour, Olaide, one she haven’t spoke to for two years as ‘a village woman, who was privileged to have made money’. This ideology was soon corrected when the two had to make peace for the sake of their children.

You remember the saying, ‘the love a mother has for her child supersedes all’. I took this home too. Moms in this movie had this quality in common, they both loved their children and wanted to see them progress. Reason they both had to go the extra miles with Christian Keller as Mr Gerald, to see that their children both got the scholarship to study overseas. The love for their children was the driving force that pushed them to work together. These moms were unstoppable!

Another take home lesson. No matter how successful a woman is, she still needs a man to lean on. God knew why he sent Eve to Adam. Olaide was made lonely by the death of her husband, now this made her focus all her energy on her son, Bayo Adetola. Ebubechukwu on the other hand, loved her Adam, Yul Udochie as Chidi Ubosi and was ready to forgive his flaws until when she thought she was done with forgiveness and threw him out of the house. From that day, she feigned happiness for her daughter’s sake, Amara Ubosi and her one time war partner who turned out to be her friend. This friend saw through her and read all the signs of loneliness she tried to conceal and decided to hook the love birds back to their nest. Now you’ll see how grateful she was to have a friend who understood the importance of a man in a woman’s life.

The movie didn’t end like the title, rather peace, everything good came through!

This article was written by Mildred Vincent; connect with her on IG here