About to eat? Snap. Going to the gym? Snap. Out with the girls? Snap. Dinner with bae? Snap.

It is fascinating how social media has made the world a small social village. How you can travel the world and meet so many people from the comfort of your couch with just internet supply and a few taps at your phone screen. How you can share in someone else’s experiences without being physically present with them.

My dad once talked about how he courted my mum for ten years before they got married and in those ten years, he saw her only a handful of times and they communicated via handwritten letters that sometimes took as long as a month to deliver (Yeah, you read that right, a month.) I remember looking at him weird and wondering how life like that would have been. It was simply unimaginable. How they managed to maintain strong communication through this time is beguiling. #relationshipgoals

These days, however, we just have likes, comments and blue ticks to deal with, yet as close as social media has brought us, a great many of us tend to get lost in the virtual reality swank, a parade that cuts across and affects – mostly negatively – all aspects of our daily lives, consequently pulling us farther apart in actual reality. #doubletap

In my opinion, relationships, more than the other aspects, can be likened to the proverbial grass that suffers in the fight between virtual reality and reality. The pressure to be in a relationship or at least pretend to be in one for the sake of being the object of ogle for one’s followers plunges some into relationships that most often than not have no real value beyond cute pictures chaperoned by even cuter captions and impressionable hashtags targeted at sparking envy. #canyourbaeever

Ironically, the original intent of social media was to improve communication; however, you would find that some couples would much rather wash their dirty linen in the presence of the ever-ready-to-execute jury of social media than actually communicate with each other to reach a resolution. The same followers that throw the “awws” in the comment box are the same ones who bring down hammer on gavel and proclaim guilty. #menandwomenarescum

The difficulty of some to keep up with social media relationship trends or to match the overhyped virtual personalities they have created for themselves makes one wonder if the good ol cupid’s shot to the heart could send one flying back to the time when actual effort was being invested in building relationships.

Social media relationships aren’t all bad as some are able to navigate it properly in their favor, while others prefer to keep theirs as far away from social media as they can to erase third party opinions that might sprout doubt and insecurity. Different strokes for different folks!


This article was written by Rachel Okoji; connect with her on Instagram here


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