If critically examined we’ll realize most things trending aren’t exactly new. Infact they are just fashion by our forefathers that’s being rebranded and refurbished to what we appreciate today as fashion. Going back to A.D and D.C, the sandal most of us refer to as Moses sandal, has been refurbished and called gladiators. Now, most ladies wear these sandals and strike beautiful pose with it.

What about the kind of clothes worn by our great grandparents? The clothes we laughed at especially the ones seen in old family albums.

Those clothes and hairstyles we laughed at is what most of us buy today as vintage. Presently, a lot of us identify ourselves as retro addicts. Ironic don’t you think? Funny enough, most of these vintage clothes seem more expensive than recent clothes.

See, what we call fashion today isn’t exactly new, it’s just an advanced version of what existed in the past. Archaeologists were right when they said the past is a key to the present.  They made an interesting point as designers these days come up with ideas based on what has been created before. Just like we called our parents ‘old fashioned’ due to their hairstyles and what not, our future generation will look at our album and laugh. They’ll say ‘look how local their clothes are.’ Truth be told, we’ll feel bad and try to defend our sense of fashion. The clothes and other things we strive for, the same one we spend huge amount of money to get just to gain approval in our society. No matter how hard we try to defend our sense of fashion, they’ll still mock us after all. I’m sorry but it’s the plain truth. I’m sad as well, as my designer clothes will have little or no value in the nearest future. You’ll feel more terrible when you return from work one day, only to find out your children have used the clothe as rag…It’s heartbreaking

Therefore, I’ll end by saying nothing last forever, and so is fashion. What we feel is in vogue now will be out of style in a couple of months, or even a year to come. What’s the point of spending extravagantly now or doing crazy things to get  trending things when years from now the value will be lost, and our future generation won’t see it’s worth. The truth is this, the term ‘fashion’ is constant, but the thing exhibited as fashion today, is susceptible to change tomorrow.


This article was written by Chisom Njoku; connect with her on Instagram here


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