It is believed that our generation are the leaders of tomorrow, but how can it be when people who are supposed to behave as leaders are more concerned about materialistic objects and exhibit characters that are unruly, ungodly, which is not proper for people who were born for greatness.

In our time, most youths have become less concerned about education and so some of us who go to school do it as though we are doing our parents or guardians a favour, not knowing the benefits of being educated.  We are more attracted to the misuse of money by most celebrities, like in the buying of hard drugs, drawing of tattoos, buying of irrelevant materials just to brag. Youths now do anything just to get this money and fame so as to be like these celebrities even if it leads to destruction of lives.

Youths have become so notorious and have been noted for fraud, cyber theft, murder (especially in universities through cult groups), drug dealing, and this is as a result of pampering by parents and peer pressure.

Social media has become a major distraction to so many youths today and it has also destroyed dreams of many. Youths are so inspired by what they see on media, forgetting the essence of reality; for those who have social issues in real life have become addicted to a false social life, not really knowing who we may be dealing with on media and this has led to cyber-bullying on so many occasions. Youths are so anxious to become popular on social media so they spend so much time on the platforms that we forget the importance things in real life. Most times this results to procrastination because most times while on social media, watching videos, playing games, we never seem to notice time passing by and this affects us seriously.

Most youths have become subjective to celebrities that we do not tell ourselves that they are better than these celebrities. We are so infatuated with the things celebrities do, so we put those celebrities above ourselves, even to point where we would be arguing tirelessly about which celebrities are better; we fail to ask ourselves the question, “Does this celebrity know who we are?”  .

I trust and hope that with time we would become better people because throughout the history of mankind I have never seen a true leader who lack self-conduct and portrays bad behavior. I know that in the midst of all this, we still have disciplined youths among us who are ready and able to infuse integrity into the future like our past heroes did.


This article was written by Okoroafo Patriarch; connect with her on IG here