The notion ‘Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem’ will continue to discuss the totality of the scenery of suicide.

Suicides are very excruciating occurrences, especially to parents, for the reason that, after they have struggled to be able to train up a child, the child just decides in an instant to take his/her own life without considering the parents who have loved and cared for him/her. The individual who commits suicide puts the judgement of his/her haters and critics before the feelings of loved ones; this is common in suicides caused by bullying.

Suicide rates have been found to be extremely high in recent times, most especially among youths and this has become a global problem. This crisis would be difficult to tackle due to the fact that it involves human psychology which is complex to understand. The causes of most suicide have been narrowed down to factors which include; melancholy, which is present in cases of examination failures, peer rejection, extreme poverty, bullying, emotional neglect,  bad relationships and family problem.

In a number of suicides, there are situations in which the individual who intends to commit suicide leaves signs; and these are features that we are meant to be hypothetically able to interpret so as to avert such disastrous occurrences, because these suicides at the end, do not only affect the individual but also affects people who really cared for the individual including personalities such as the parents and siblings.

Total eradication of suicides would not be easy but there are possibilities of rate reduction, especially when the problems of such suicides can be solved when they are shared with other people. Social groups in schools and societies could help reduce the rate of suicides because they tend to keep individuals busy; following the saying ‘An idle man is the devils’ workshop. Furthermore, lectures on human psychology to students would help them to identify when someone around them may be feeling suicidal, and so they would be able to converse with them and direct the individual to a counsellor or an expert on such matters.

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