I was in a gathering sometimes ago and we discussed on one of my favorite topics ‘music’. It was a wonderful discussion as we got to higlight on the pros and cons of music which we generally know. From the discussion and personal experience, I got to understand that music is more more than just being a song.

First I want you to ask yourself the few questions I had asked myself:

    • What is music to me?


    • What attracts me to a song?


  • Who is my favorite artiste?Why is this current artiste my favorite?

I would be answering this questions from my own perspective and would shed more light on what music really is but for now let’s understand what it is.

Long before we now we always take music to be either a dance able song, a cry along song or ‘I don’t give a damn what you’re saying’ song; but seriously how much of music do you know.

Music is everywhere we go, we hear it while walking on the streets, it’s playing from the blazing speakers in the bars, malls, cars and more infact music is a part of our daily life. We’ve gotten accustomed to it that it has lost its value, we no longer listen to it for the purpose it was made but for the one which we want.

With many different reasons most people abuse it these days, you hear a guy bragging about his conquest and a lady singing about how insecure she feels over herself. Even the kids are not left out, they hear all this and invigorate it into their way of life and the society thinks its ‘cool’ because of the fast beat and dance able rhythm. Daily we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the harm it’s causing us because we certainly want to feel ‘among’ so the next day you see youths saying ‘coco made me do it’ because they saw that on TV.

Music is supposed to be an organized sound with a healthy rhythm which is pleasant to the ear, nourishing to the mind and edifying to the spirit but now it’s unpleasant to the ear, killing the mind and burying the spirit.

We could go on and on stating the good, the bad and the ugly ride of music but I’ll leave you to answer the questions yourself.

What is your take on the above topic, let’s discuss this issue. What is music to you?


This article was written by Vincent Chisom; connect with her on IG here


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