While stuck in a traffic in the Ibadan metropolis, moving from Iwo road to Challenge, my eyes wandered just enough to spot a madman grooving to the sounds of a magical beat blasting from the speaker in a roadside barbershop. With my roving eyes, I watched the pall of lunacy engulfing the madman give way to the sound of the beat.

In the cab, where I sat meditatively, I thought within myself: “if placed on a dose of good music, even a madman would barrel into a pool of happiness.”

I have heard story of a white supremacist who have had to shed his racist skin to accommodate a black teenage girl. “Her voice,” recounted the white guy later, in tears, “was ethereal.” “How could I have been so blind to the beauty of nature on the basis of something as ludicrous as someone’s skin color;” I learnt he had said, regretfully.

These events epitomize the unparalleled power of music. Judging by these stories- and many more –it would not be considered a stretch to adjudge music a god.

Other countless, life-changing stories abound on the impact of music in our world. Music has been chalked up with the ability to sow the cord of unity among enemies, to stir souls, cater to the yearns of freedom, and even, heal.

Music, like any government of a nation, wields a leviathan imprint on every individual. But unlike the limited power of a government of a nation, the power of music is boundless, and cuts across all things: nations, tongue, tribe, ethnicity, race, color or sex. It is a universal language- the only language that speaks to a soul even when the tongue of rendition is obscure.

Music connects on a spiritual level, lighting the darkest recesses of a soul. It is the only diver powerful and equipped enough to reach into the abyss of man’s soul, fetch his sunken muse, and bring it back to life.

The brain, as smart as it is, dances to the rhythm of a rich music. It does it bidding like a man entrapped by love portion. Numerous studies have shown the remarkable effect of a good music on the body as well as the human psyche. A powerful music induces the production of dopamine in the brain, consequently causing an otherwise dismal person to become a bowl of happiness.

Today, sadly, music is increasingly becoming the bane of our “woke” society. Gone are those glorious days when music was an instrument of reflection and introspection.

A quick comparison between music of today and auld lang syne reflects an abysmal decline both in quality and the manner of consumption. It is debased in lyrical contents and, thus reduced to a cacophony of thoughtless rants. Music- in the hands of money-driven, fame-crazed individuals -now hardly spurs creativity or inspiration. Rather it is being used to promote drugs, glamorize crimes, and even more appalling, brazenly devalues women.

Now our “god” needs saving.

This article was written by Adewuyi Ademuyiwa; connect with him on IG here


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