‘A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous’, Coco Channel. But unfortunately, this is not often the case as some little fashion mistakes that were otherwise thought of as insignificant has made women’s ‘attractive points’ take a nosedive too many times. So, the question is: are you dolling up to feel good about yourself or to blind the haters with your glow? Or is your reason for looking sartorially on point an attempt to leave a horde of drooling and mesmerised men in your wake? One thing is important; you need to avoid these fashion mistakes that are strongly detested men.

Revealing Too Much

Fashion for women is a double-edged sword. You could cause stirs and get a lot of attention by revealing too much but often times the attention you get is mostly of the negative and predatory kind. Hence, it’s important that you stay within acceptable limits because, while your erogenous zones are appealing to men, you don’t earn their respect when you show too much.

Wearing heels you can’t walk in

You look ungraceful when you can’t keep it together on your high-heeled shoes. So, leave the 9 inches heels on the stall and save yourself the stress and embarrassment of tiptoeing like a flamingo. You’re better off wearing a wedge or heels of lower length.

Looking sloppy and scruffy

There are no ugly women they say, there are just lazy ones. This is true to a great extent as you will definitely look a lot prettier if you make the effort.  It’s for this reason men are turned off by unkempt-looking women that don clothes that fit improperly or worse look like hobos that got out of the garbage.

Visible Panty Line.

This probably tops the list of fashion mistakes women make as it is a huge turnoff. A VPL basically occurs when the hem of the panties is thicker than the overlaying fabric the person is wearing, consequently resorting to an outward outline that’s visible to all. Having it in mind that VPL is a major attraction killer, you should invest in boy shorts, tongs, seamless panties and more importantly, match the fabric of your clothes with the right underwear.

Trying too hard

Trying too hard often reeks of insecurities and in fashion, it can be likened to you putting on trends of each fashion season at the same time or maybe wearing too many accessories. You do not need a statement necklace, bangles, dangly earrings, a watch, a belt and a fringe bag all at the same time. It’s way too much! Not only do you take people’s attention away from the outfit itself, but all that people will see in you will be the facade and ostentatious jewellery.  Therefore, spice up your outfit with one show-stopping accessory at a time, so you can look more adoring instead of tacky and flashy.

This article was written by Bamidele Christianah Damilola; connect with her on IG here  

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