“Slow and steady wins the race”, that should be a myth for this present generation. The pursuit of money is the number one trend and how you make it doesn’t really matter.”Make money or go home”, “hustle”, “press”, “voltage”, “grind”, these are the words that fits everyone’s lips. The patient dog doesn’t eat the fattest bone no more so we find solace in fast rides forgetting we will eventually run out of gas someday.

We are a generation with a promising future blessed with diverse technologies but we end up being more of robots than humans. We go through same cycle everyday. We wake up and our phones are the first things we pick, we die when our phone batteries die and we are as sad as bad network. Our lives are one dumb equipment because our smart phones are more active than our minds. We focus on quick money,steady grinding with little or no plans for the future and our lover- social media is ever ready to make love to our ignorance and vanities. It has also become our compass in life.And as the hustling continues with social media evolving everyday with new trends we try to meet up with every standard. Sooner or later, we realise we haven’t been living for ourselves so depression like an un-welcomed guest make itself comfortable in our bodies so we live a life of regret and that’s when our enemy-suicide, becomes the ideal friend.

Living determines so much courage and to before you find death appealing, recognise the place of self love knowing fully well that your validation comes from within you. Add value to your life,figure out what sets your soul on fire and do it. We must stand no matter the storm and seize the day because yesterday is gone and no one knows tomorrow.We are not the future leaders because we choose to start today.There’s a place for integrity and hard work and you should have yourself a good name. Give credit to yourself. Never forget your humble beginnings for those are the stairway to your later glory.

This article was written by Promise Igere; connect with her on IG here

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