The heart ripping loud bang of the judge’s gavel brought him to reality. No one believed that a highly placed person in the society would do such a shameful thing. He was shocked himself. In the search for relief from his depressed life, he jammed a disheartening one. One he only wished he was dead rather than bear the shame.

He saw her in the courtroom, certain that she was dragged out here. No smiles on the face that once brewed laughter. Onome! If only she knew how sorry he was for the eternal damages caused. Her jar, which was once filled, unstirred and tasted by none was broken…actually shattered to pieces…unamendable! His eyes were apologetic.

It was two minutes past 4pm that day but office hours ends at 3:00pm. He intentionally told Onome to bring his lunch at that time when the office would have been emptied of its staff. He licked his lips at the fresh orange that stood in front of him with his order. “Come closer please”, he tried to sound uninterested and with that he stood up to lock the door. He had a plan. A terrible plan. The jambito was alarmed when she heard the bolt lock and turned with surprised eyes to look at the man, the Oga. Her face met a kiss accompanied by a forceful push to the wall. In no time her clothes were ripped off her body and her mouth firmly covered with his hand from making any sound. What wrong did she do to be shattered this way? She had plans to further her studies. She was certain that her name would be out in the next admission list and she had promised to make her mum proud.

But, the devil had an adverse plan. Her scratching upon scratching, took her no where because the evil that possessed the man on top of her was twenty times stronger. Her world was thrown into utter darkness when she heard him give out a satisfactory breathe.

Guilty! For defiling a child’s life“, the gavel brought him back to reality, the reality he had stolen from her. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for disfiguring Onome’s being.

“Court!”. The patched jar stood up unaware of what just transpired, she was no longer with her senses…totally oblivious of her environment and ripped of her beautiful life. She was now ugly because he was addicted.


This story was written by Ella Iyalla; connect with her on Instagram here