There’s a popular song by One Direction titled “Live While We’re Young”, that song, as well as a host of other popular songs, encourages young people to make the most of their youthful years or to live their lives to the fullest while they are still young. It is important to enjoy one’s youth because the sad reality of life is that we’re not going to be young forever. To some, enjoying one’s youth means being adventurous, trying new things, making tons of friends, having fun and grabbing opportunities while still young. To others, it means having multiple sexual partners, abusing drugs and alcohol, taking unnecessary risks, partying non-stop and engaging in a host of other hedonistic practices that are considered “fun”.

While I don’t judge those who willfully choose to live in the fast lane, it is important to note that living recklessly when one is young can have lifetime consequences. Also, it is actually possible for one to live a fun-filled, eventful life without deliberately endangering one’s future. 

Living a reckless life during one’s youthful years can result in a number of dreadful consequences. Untimely death happens to be the ultimate price many have paid for failing to apply caution while enjoying their youth. Many of us are aware of the “27 club”, a list of popular entertainers who passed away untimely at the age of 27, I was going through the list a while ago and it was no surprise that more than twelve persons on the list died due to a drug overdose or due to a disease that resulted from abuse of drugs, alcohol or both.

Those who do not wind up dead as a result of their unhealthy pursuit of pleasure during their youthful years, may end up with chronic health conditions like liver disease, gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, lung cancer and a host of other dreadful conditions, some of which are terminal. Others wind up with fertility problems ranging from low sperm count to damaged reproductive organs resulting from numerous non-medical abortions, untreated sexually transmitted infections or abuse of certain drugs. Countless middle-aged and old persons today battle with poverty and countless regrets because of the decisions they made during their youthful years.

While it is not wrong to have fun while we’re young, let us not throw caution to the wind. We should endeavour to avoid practices that can negatively affect our future. Live your life to the fullest when you’re young, but do it in such a way that when you’re older, you won’t be overcome by regrets and you won’t feel like you missed out on life when you were young. Make beautiful, funny, silly and even crazy memories if you want to but do not ruin your life or mess up your future in the process.

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